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Cute story- my kitty and the tree

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I was airing out our home today, and I opened a window in the laundry/ computer room knowing that Sugar could get out if she wanted. I wasn't too concerned since she is spayed treated with Frontline, and has I.D.

Usually when she makes a run for it she goes out the front door, that is what she is used to. When she is ready she comes back inside. This happens pretty rarely, so it is probably an exiting event for her.

Sugar noticed right away I had opened the window, and jumped up on the washer and onto the window frame. She just sat there for awhile looking at whatever caught her interest. She didn't seem too interested in jumping out the window to the grass, about 6 feet below.

I was at the computer when I heard a sliding- scratching sound, she had fallen outside! I came to the window and looked down at her. She peered at me from below, and then seemed to notice that this was different than the front door- I was way above her. How was she going to get back inside?

She then ran over to the big tree in our backyard and scaled up it to the bottom branch, and attempted to inch her way out to the end of the limb, but drat! it didn't reach me and the window. What to do?

I decided to let her figure it out, so I went back to what I was doing. About 15 minutes later I realized I was hearing a crow loudly kawing, and it sounded like it was coming from the tree. I looked out the window to see Sugar up even higher, way too high, and a large crow was kawing at her. It was starting to get grey and blustery, so I went out to the tree to see if I could help. Poor baby! The mean crow saw me and flew away.

I stood at the bottom of the tree and called her name really sweetly, and she saw me. She was almost at the top of the tree, and I didn't know if she would be able to get herself down. Sugar then tried to go out on another limb, but it didn't turn out as she expected I guess, so she crawled back to the trunk.
I kept calling her saying 'here baby Sugar, come on you can do it', and she started down the tree- frontways- not backwards, oops! almost fell if it were not for the next branch. She did this shimmy all the way down the tree to the bottom branch, keeping her eyes peeled on me the entire time.

When she got to the bottom branch she decided to crawl out on that to the end. Lucky for us it was just high enough for me to reach, so I grabbed the end of the branch, and pulled it down. Sugar came right up to me, and I reached for the scruff of her neck and lifted her off the tree. It had started to rain, and the wind was really blowing hard. I was so relived, and she was too probably.

I am sooo proud of her! She is such a brave kitty. I knew she could do it, and don't tell me cats can't think because it looked like she was making some good choices on the way down. Once safe inside inside she promptly took a cat nap maybe dreaming of her little adventure, and her good mommy!
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what a brave girl sugar is! I am glad she got in before she got her coat wet!
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That is a cute story. Sugar is one smart kitty.
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