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US Military Ordered Shoot to kill....

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strays on sight in Iraq. I was shocked and apalled to read this in a news letter I receive from The Humane Society.

Let's all voice our opinions to President Bush.

What You Can Do

Tell President George W. Bush, our Commander in Chief and a dog owner himself, to order Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to reverse military policy about pet keeping among U.S. troops. Tell him that a policy that includes a vaccination campaign would not only be good for public health, but also good for soldier morale.

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I NEVER pass up the opportunity to voice my opinions to Shrub and his minions, er, administration.
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That just makes me mad. As if our soldiers don't have animals they love at home, or at their home base. I can't imagine telling them to just shoot a stray animal.
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I can understand not letting them keep pets in a war zone. they have enough to worry about, but simplely shoot a pet b/c the administration said so is CRAZY!!! Unlike the Jeb in the Bush's Baked Beans commerical, a dog is not going to leak top secret military stuff. If they do not want the soldiers to have a pet have the local people adopt the pets or have them shipped home to the soldier's family.
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And bush himself is a dog owner! I dont like him and never will.
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Shouldn't "we" be saving bullets for the REAL enemies (ie., terrorists)? Shouldn't "we" be more FOCUSED on more IMPORTANT thing than shooting strays or soldiers' pets? "We" accuse other countries of flagrant violations of human rights, while we participate in the same types of violations, and now cross into flagrantly violating animal rights!

I often think I cannot get any more disgusted with what has been going on in Iraq, and then someone in the administration opens their mouth again.
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I'd have to disobey this order!
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I have to say It took me a while to reply to this becaue I was so MAD....and i did pen a LENGHY several people reguardng cruel can you be....this maks me MAD.
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Sorry everyone, I hate to be the wet blanket, but Bush doesn't give a rat's behind about animals. He only cares about lining his and his oil friends pockets with money, and his status in the world. Heck, he doesn't even care about his own people. Just for Bush's ego, our young men and women are dying in a country they don't belong in, fighting a war of aggression that never should have happened. We need to concentrate of the positive things that we can do to make a different where we can and let a Higher Power deal with Bush. I would not want to be in his shoes when he is called to account for the all the blood he has spilled.
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"Yet untold numbers of service members in Iraq are doing just that. And once they get attached to these unofficial mascots, they go to extraordinary lengths to transport the pets stateside.

It's an underground railroad of sorts, much of it headed by former animal control officer Bonnie Buckley.

"It's something I struggle with every day: Am I doing the right thing?" Buckley said from her home in Merrimac, Mass. Since 2003, her organization has raised thousands of dollars and brought about 50 animals into the country; 30 more are en route. She also sends dog and cat food and supplies to troops, who contact her by e-mail.

Her all-volunteer group, Military Mascots, is a network of anonymous animal lovers and military supporters ("in nearly every state," Buckley said) who meet pets at airports to guide them through customs and onto connecting flights.

Other service members use their own funds for transportation and find sympathetic civilians overseas to help move the animals -- while keeping details sketchy to protect their assistants.

That's how big, gentle Bashur made her way from the violent war zone of Kirkuk, Iraq, to a cozy home in Illinois.

Early in the war, troops found a pup, "bloody and squirming in the grass, no bigger than a dollar bill," said John Fenzel, whose son, Army Maj. Mike Fenzel, nursed Bashur back to health.

But soon Maj. Fenzel was due to rotate back to his home base in Italy. He couldn't take Bashur with him, yet strays in Iraq are routinely shot. "He just couldn't let that happen to Bashur," his father said.

So the major enlisted a Kurdish friend to build a crate, and Bashur rode in it on a military convoy, against regulations, some 640 miles to Kuwait. "His superiors looked the other way," his father said.

From there, Bashur made it onto a commercial flight to the States. Now she lives in Sleepy Hollow, Ill., with John Fenzel, who estimates his son spent $1,700 to ensure her safety."

I think it would have more impact if people join with an existing group that is helping get pets (that were adopted by our military) back to the US.
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I knew there had to be something like that organization in existance. I remember watching that episode on Animal Planet about the dog the soldiers rescued. I'm glad that group exists!

Here is their website with success stories:
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