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I'm So Proud!  

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Tonite etched an incredible memory for me from a huge accomplishment made by my brother. He received his Master's Degree in Human Resources and Development Administraion. It may seem so easy to acquire by some, but with the vigorous demands that weighted him down; it seemed virtually impossible, but he was so determined to perservere.

Prior to beginning school, he had been in a terrible car accident which placed him into a very bad situation. His wife after eleven years left, she took everything except their two children. He raised them alone. He wasn't allowed to lay down for six months due to experimental surgery. Everywhere he went he had to walk. This is how he brought home money for the house. Yes, we did what we could, but at that time, my Mom and I were having our own problems financially, so most of what we could give was our time. This is years ago...the story goes on forever.

I guess I just wanted to post this because he deserves the me, of course. I'm just typing...posting so that the world can see how my brother knocked down every wall that was placed in front of him.

He's been tough on me...when my life was out of order, but he never walked away from me. Even amidst his own problems. He constantly reminds me to finish the novel I'm working on, that just because I have epilepsy doesn't make me stupid, to continue with school no matter what...that he does believe in me and his support is undying.

When he went up to receive his Degree, they actually stopped and the Director of the University said a few things about my brother that brought me to tears...(him too) they've known him so long and he's been forever working on this. They were just as touched by his accomplishment as we all were. I think the whole auditorium was in tears. I think I got mascara on the lens of the damn camera. Well, again, I'm spouting off here. Rambling.

He is a true inspiration and I'm just so proud of him. God Bless him and all he loves. I love him so much and wish him all the best that life can offer.

I wish I had a recent picture of him. He is absolutely handsome as he is intelligent....he reminds me of my dad.

Much Love My Brother
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How inspirational! Congratulations to your brother! What a role model he is for his children. Lucky kids! (Lucky you too!)

I love hearing stories like this - it goes to show that adversity does NOT hold you back if you honestly WANT to accomplish your goals.
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Yaaaay to your brother!!!!! He sounds like a wonderful man!!!
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Yes! I want to see some of the poetry too!!!!

You are so lucky Cat, to have a man who obviously loves you so much, AND IS SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! ( I need a brother-in-law, so come on guys!!!)
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Ya know, when I posted this, I really didn't even expect to get any responses. Only cause it was more like a train of thought kind of thing, but I'm so glad if that story touched anyone that runs up against adversities in their lives. God knows we all have!

I'm also very sensitive, (to a fault, I've been told) so, I guess I was just very emotional as I was typing! haha! OOOOOOPS....

By the way...thank you baby...genius? haha!! You're too much!

Thanks Jin...I'll make sure I send your kind thougts his way!

I do have a poem over in the Paws in Reflect Forum "Secret Diary". Debby, I know you read "The Warrior" seemed to enjoy it and I think you enjoy poetry more than I've ever noticed before.

Love ya's,
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What do you mean you think I enjoy poetry more than youve ever noticed before?? I have ALWAYS enjoyed your poems!!!
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Cat, tell your brother HUGE Congratulations from me!:baloon:

I'm in the final stretch of my undergraduate degree in English Literature (shhssh don't tell anyone; I'll have to clean up my grammar, typos, and spelling mistakes :LOL: I know what it's like to be a mature student with all those outside pressures to deal with, but being a single Dad and doing graduate studies? He's my personal hero now!
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Major Kudo's to your brother Cat!

Sounds like he had a rough road, but he made it!
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Wow - that was a great story and more inspirational than anything I have read recently. Congratulations to your brother Cat!

How about a pic from the graduation?
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Cat, that's just great! Tell your brother that he did a wonderful job. It's hard enough to finish a masters degree, much less with so many challenges along the way. Way to go!
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:laughing: :baloon: :rainbow: :flower: :daisy:
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Your folks must be very proud of the both of you. Great to see again,especially in these days of media doom and gloom,that there are good people out there;conquering what adversity they find. There IS still hope for the future.
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You guys are all so sweet! Like I said, I was just clamoring at they keyboard here after coming home from the graduation. It's so nice to know I can come here, expect nothing more than to type and then have these wonderful unexpected posts from you.

Thanks, and by the way, I sent him the, he'll see everyone's post! I'm sure he'll be very touched by your genuine remarks!

He's very humble, and I hope he didn't mind, but I think he'll see how proud of him I really am. At least I hope he does.

Love ya's,
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Philip, I already sent that to stop! :laughing2 silly!

I love you,
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Oh but WE want to see...come on!!! Post it for us!!! I love your poems!!!!!!!!
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WOW! Congrats to your brother! :angel2: What is your novel about?
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Hey my lil Sister, :daisy:
Debby, I posted a one in the Paws and Reflect Forum, it called "Secret Diary", I'll post more, I have to dig my poem book up...I don't remember them verbatim. I wish I could! Then I wouldn't feel so damn stupid half the time. My memory escapes me! :laughing2 Actually, it's been on a vacation for years now! :laughing2

Hi Tigger :daisy:

Thank you! I've been emailing this page to him with each persons posts! He probably thinks I'm making too much of this, but this I honestly feel that if anyone's has reached a goal they deserve recognition for their hard work; in anything they do.

This particular book is about the SEC and white collared thieves, however; right now, it needs much more work, and refinement. There's a lot of suspense, action, humor, and even a love thaaaaaang happening. :laughing2 It's a myriad of situations and predicaments. I just need the puzzle to consumate (there ya go, Philip) into one sizzling conclusion. PUT AN END TO THE MADNESS PER SE! :laughing2:laughing2:laughing2

I'll be done with it within then next year. I pray!

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Okay, I'm not braggin about my brother...oh yes I am...:laughing2, but I've also been asked a few times to post this and I will, so here's a couple of pics and I didn't forget, I just got them back:

This one is when the Dean stopped the cermony which shocked me and probably others regarding my brother's determination to receive his Master's. It was quite emotional.

This is of my brother and my only niece...Hailey She just turned two. He remarried two years ago.

There ya go Deb (Piddles) and Debby! :laughing2
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Great photos Cat. And that little girl, WOW! What a cutie pie. You must be so proud of him. Tell him congratulations again, and a job well done!!
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Cat - what a handsome man your brother is and a real sweetie for a niece. Hailey is such a great name for her. He looks so proud he could bust. Thanks for remembering the pice.
Lova ya
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I haven't read the entire Thread but I know you are very proud of your brother! (As I am of my brother).
That is wonderful!

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That is such a beautiful thing that you wrote about your brother Cat. I just wish that everyone who has sibblings show the same amount of love and devotion and adoration because sometimes too many people worrry about the small things in life and before they know it the people that they love and care for so much are not around them and gone forever.

Oh and congrats on graduation and his daughter is so cute and yes Cat you are very right he is handsome
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Thank you all so much for all the sweet words!! I just adore both of them! Ya know!? haha!

This is soooo funny. I emailed this Thread to my brother about two days after it started so he could see all the "well wishes" given by the people here on the Site. So, I never hear from him????? I'm thinking...boy, he sure must've been embarrassed! Hmmmm???
So, I finally get this email yesterday and nearly broke my neck to open it. He was totally flattered that everyone was so nice...and he wanted me to thank all of you for your kindness!!! He's so sweet! I wrote him back laughing because this is the Internet...??? I should've sent it to him snail mail! hahaha! He would've gotten it sooner. I'm going to tease him about the new twist he gives Email! hahaha
Thanks again you guys.
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What a wonderful Christmas present for your brother to get - his degree & the acclaimation he deserves!
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Very true Adrienne, very true!


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I can see why you are so proud of your brother!!
He looks like a very nice man, and his daughter is adorable!
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Thanks Debby! You're such a love But you know that! haha

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