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I Have Kittens!!

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If you remembered I posted this http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=51363

When I got back from the dentist this morning..I heard something sqeeky..I thought one of myc ats just caught another mouse but when I looked closely Princess had kittens all around her. I will post pics sometimes soon...When can I be able to pick them up and hold them?
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Aww, congratulations!!! I would leave the kittens alone for a day or so at first. Then, as long as mom sees you and is okay with you holding her babies, then you should be fine. But don't handle them very much at all, for at least two days. Once again, make sure mom is fine with this. Good luck with the lil ones and the new meowmy!
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Best of luck with the babies, can't wait to see pictures!
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YAY! I'm so happy! I felt to bad when your last thread was taken over, and I kept trying to get it back to your subject.... sorry about that.
I wish you the best of luck with your new little ones, and I hope that all goes well!
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Awwww! That is sooo exciting! Congratulations!
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How many are htere and what colours?
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That's very exciting. Congratulations to you and Mumma Cat.

Have you cleaned up the area where she gave birth? Have you put fresh bedding down for the newborns? You can pick them up from day #1.

Let us know a bit more about them! Is this your first litter?
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I had a blanket with a pillow underneath it but she just urinated on the pillow and gave birth in a dark corner
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awww congrats. you'll have to post pics!!
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Awww, congratulations!!!
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Originally Posted by jelani
I had a blanket with a pillow underneath it but she just urinated on the pillow and gave birth in a dark corner
Oh, you gotta love it!

I keep a mainly hands off approach until their eyes are open and they can crawl around a little. I do pick each kitten up once or twice daily, and pet them briefly (about a minute), unless they cry and fuss. I think they need to bond to their Momma, and she to them, without interference.

Of course, I must admit part of my caution is due to having my own "litter" of human kids. If we don't have very strict rules, the kids will be tempted to overdo it with the kittens, and I know that isn't good.

My kittens are 12 days old now, and have their eyes open. But I have a nasty cold so am afraid to go in their room! (Yes, I know most diseases aren't passed human to feline, but better safe than sorry.) So the older kids (16 and 9) are doing the "wellness checks", and picking each baby up daily. (The little one (5 y/o) is only allowed to pet them.)

Each precious baby is just so sweet-I do miss them. Soon enough you will be able to play with your babies. Congrats!
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