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bumps on lip

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Hi everyone-

My boys turned 1 and this is the first time I am posting about a health problem for them. I noticed that Floco's lower lip (left side) was kind of droopy when I looked at him from far away. I managed to take a look and up close it looks maybe a bit puffy but what I did see where 3-4 small red bumps on his lip. He doesn't seem to be in any pain and is behaving normally. He does play a lot outside in the yard, so I am wondering if he maybe got bitten by ants or bees or something. Does anyone have any experience with this? This is the first time any of them is "sick".
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The small bumps may be insect bites, but it sounds to me like feline acne. This is just like human acne, when pores get clogged and and create bumps. They usually happen around the mouth area, but I'm not sure what the treatment is. Maybe you can look up pictures on the internet and compare? Hope that helps!
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Thanks Laurel! You may be on to something! Because I looked for pictures of feline acne online and saw photos of black, coffee-ground type bumps which my cat also has had in the past. I just don't know if those bumps are connected to his current poofy bumpy lip, however
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If the bumps are on the inside of the lip, it's more likely he got some sort of insect bite. Keep a close eye on it, if it gets larger or seems painful he should see the vet asap.
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