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One upset little kitty

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About a year ago, we introduced little 8 week old Simi to my 14 yr old Midnight. While they have never been the best of friends, they, after a few weeks, have been tolerant of each other. Today I am not sure exactly what happened but it ended with Midnight under the bed and Simi under a laundry basket, a LOT of furr on my kitchen floor and some very blood battle scars for the cats and members of the household. Is it normal for 2 cats to suddenly have issues with each other? I am scared to put them back together again for fear of their next battle.
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Sometimes the one being beat up on is ill and the other cat senses the illness before it really shows in symptoms. It could also be that an outside cat set them off- this is kitten season and many a male is spraying the bushes and walls of homes in their quest to find a female
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it could be an illness, the older cat has been spayed for quite some time now but the new cat got spayed 2 weeks ago. the odd thing is though, that the freshly spayed kitten seems to be both the instigator and the aggressor here. Do you think it is safe to let them hang around together again or should I keep them apart for a few days?
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Ditto what hissy said. The outside cat setting off your indoor cat is called "redirected aggression". Basically something spooks the cat (like the sudden appearance of a strange cat outside the house), and the spooked cat takes it out on the nearest cat (which could be his/her best cat pal). Here's an article about it: http://www.sniksnak.com/cathealth/aggression3.html

Does that sound like your situation?
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it is possible, but could this happen when both cats are spayed?
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Yes, that doesn't make any difference.
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ic, hmmm maybe I should have left her unspayed. lol didn't have any problems then. Ah well, back to the pounce and laundry basket drawing board. lol thanks for the info. Just my luck I have the only cat on the block that is going to need the windows shut and the air purifyer on all the time because she has "scent issues" lol ah well now I have one old cat looking at me with a "she ruffled my furr...did you SEE that mom? she has totally ruined my beautiful coat" and a now totally calm little toddler cat who is layed out on my lap, paws in the air in total abandonment and aparently oblivious to her catzilla impersonation this morning. lol Thanks again for the information.
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When I take my cats to the vet (and mind you..they are siblings) they always end up hissing and chasing each other afterwards. I think it may be the stress of being at the vet and the all the other animals scents that cause this to occur. They act like they do not know each other and it takes about 2 to 3 days for them to finally "recognize" each other and get back to loving each other. I wonder if perhaps the same thing happened in your kitten's situation. Spaying is a major operation...and she may be still reacting from her stress at the vet's office.


P.S. Good for you having the kitten spayed...in the long term, it's better for her health.
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thank you, in this case it went beyond simple hissing and chasing. That they do all the time. We refer to it as playing tag. This was an all out war that left them and everyone in their wake bloodied. the little one was so completely aggrevated that she just about clawed her way through my laundry basket. I think we will just refer to it as her little psychotic episode. lol
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Actually....I didn't describe it well....they will toss around on the floor and bite each other and fur does end up all over. Fortunately, there hasn't been any blood. It was only a suggestion regarding what it could be related to.

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understood, and I thank you for all suggestions and help.
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