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how wonderful are our ferals!

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I just got back from Petco and dropped a small fortune on things to get the recovery cage ready for when we spay our small feral family. I decided to get them familiar with things, so I opened up the cat carrier and walked away. They each took a turn looking inside and sitting in it. Then Mason, an 8-month-old and the only boy, rolled over and wanted me to give him belly rubs. I spent 10 minutes sitting on our driveway rubbing his belly as he did all kinds of rolling and smiling. Yes, he smiles!

They are so much fun, though none is as friendly as Mason, but it will be interesting to see how they respond to being trapped and spayed/neutered. Wish me luck! I'm still in the planning stage.

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Sounds like they'll be just fine. Good luck!
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A little grey and white feral kitten that I found a wonderful home for. I was in the grocery store yesterday, when this lady ran up and hugged me and said "Hi Mason's Mom!" It was the woman who adopted one of my rescues. She just wanted me to know that he owns the entire house now, and her husband's lap is his favorite bed. He is friendly and personable and happy.It made my heart sing to hear such glowing accounts of this little kitty. Because, honestly, if I tripped over the woman in the grocery store, I wouldn't recognize her. I have to many adopted ferals out to remember all the owners. Ferals are the best, because once they trust you, the love they show you can get you through the worst of days. Good luck with your family, and you sound like you have thought this all out before and that shows well in your favor and will benefit these cats in the long run.
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Then I have to tell you about Mona and Henry! They were born to the ferals in late June/early July (not quite sure as the Mom hid for a few weeks). Four were born but only three made it. When I met them, they were probably 3-4 weeks old already and getting active. Mona was the runt, but she was very interested in me. She made great eye contact, and liked to be touched. Xerox was Mommy's Little Girl and a big scaredy cat. Henry was the only boy and the biggest. He was friendly, but sometimes a bit suspicious. Mona would just jump right into things. She quickly started doing more and more alone. I remember saying to my husband that she was doing things at 4-5 weeks that I didn't remember Mason and Dixon doing until they were 3 months old.

By then, we had 7 outside including these new babies. When my sister met them at about 6-7 weeks old, she went crazy for Mona and swore she had to adopt her. I told her to take two so they would have each other for play and cleaning and so on, so she decided on Henry too. Xerox was still very scared of people and clung to her Mom all day. I never did anything to make Mona or Henry more friendly, though I did give Mona all the rubbing and touching and talking I could... she loved belly rubs, and would roll over for them!

To draw the parallel to your story, they are now 5 months old, and have just been to the real vet (not just the Humane Society for a workup and shots and medicines). My sister said everybody went crazy for them because they want to be held and rubbed and stare deeply into your eyes. None of the nurses could believe that they were ferals because they were so well behaved and wanted so much cuddling. It makes me so proud because I feel that all of us here who help take care of these guys did a great job - we made a difference!

And it also made me think that these cats are so amazing because they barely had a human influence before my sister, so they were a clean slate in a sense. They had never been in a cage or in a shelter or in someone's home catching their positive or negative household climate. They went from a very loving world of their Mom and older siblings and us to my sister, who is such the cat Mom! She says Henry licks her face and nibbles on her neck all night, and she lets him because she doesn't want him to feel rejected. Henry likes to be held on his back and his belly rubbed; the vet said that was very uncommon. And Mona knows her name and comes running when you say it. She smiles BIG when you give her a good rub.

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Debbie - your story has warmed my heart.
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