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Hell's Kitchen

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Did anyone watch this? My husband and I were very entertained, both of us having spent years in the restaurant biz. It really showed how much pressure restaurant staff deal with, and then some, since the trainer Chef is really strict and obsessively picky.
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We recorded it last night, but we should watch it tonight or tomorrow - good to hear that it was entertaining!
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The programme started here last year with top UK chef Gordon Ramsay, and the pupils were celebrities.

He was awful with them, but it was entertaining
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susan last years was brilliant
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It was wasn't it!, much better than the last one a few weeks ago
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We enjoyed it, though I felt awful for the one nominee who was, imo, betrayed.
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Some how those types of shows don't interst me
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Watched it - must be the same chef - he was horrid! Hubby enjoyed the program, but I was a bit put-off.
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I thought the chef was one of the rudest people I've ever seen, but I guess thats part of the whole deal... who can survive the kitchen. I'll probably watch it again, but I would like to see a little more instruction and a little less irritability. I was in "the business" for 19 years and I do understand the stress is incredible, but I think the chef is a bit over the top.
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