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COUGHING. What does a "hairball" cough sound like?

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Here's why I ask.

One of my cats has recently started coughing. It has happened three times in the past week. All three times it has happened at night. The cough will last maybe a minute or two. It sounds like a dry cough with just a little "rattle" but it sounds "deep".

She's an INDOOR cat only. Has never been outside. She's 7 years old. She grooms constantly. She's never coughed like this before.

She DOES have allergies which manifest themselves as small weeping/scabby sores on her skin in a few locations on her body. We've tried special foods etc but she still gets the sores on occassion and has them right now. Also her right eye will sometimes get "Weepy" and watery and then it goes away. Her eye did this last week.

The food allergy ( at least the vet THINKS thats whats causing her scabs) may have NOTHING to do with her coughing. However since her eye did look watery and swelled last week AND she's getting some sores on her body recently, I thought maybe her allergies are acting up and maybe this cough is a NEW addition to her allergy condition? I can only imagine that allergies could be also causing this cough too?

I fully intend on taking her to the vet but I thought I'd ask here first.

So, are there types of cough for hairball vs something more serious? What to listen for? This one sounds kind of "deep" in her chest, more of a wheezing, rattly hack.
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Generally cats with allergies don't cough, so it could very well be a hairball. Generally when cats with asthma cough, it sounds more like a sneeze/cough, and they sometimes will breath quite heavy. Without actually hearing your kitty, it's kinda hard to give a 100% oppinion. With a hairball, they all can sound a little different, but it does sound very intense.
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I'd definitely have her checked out by a vet. It's been so rainy and cold here most of this Spring, that she sounds like me! LOL! but no really, it could be a simple hairball deep in her, as it's shedding season and even indoor kitties shed a lot and can get them.
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