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One of Tehya's babies died this morning. The poor poor little guy, he was the only one I had named so far... I named him Gumby, one of my best friend's nicknames. He was having trouble breathing... we think he inhaled fluid when he was born. His mommy took him away when she knew something was wrong, and we rushed him to a vet. They only could suck some mucus from his nose, and gave us syringes to feed him. But he died anyway I feel so terrible and guilty, I probably could have been able to save him if I had only known earlier
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My Heart goes out to you, you will ne in my thoughts and prayers, RIP Sweet Gumby
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I am so sorry you lost little Gumby. He and B.B., who died last week at 2 days old, are together in kitty heaven. Just think, they died before knowing any of the ugliness in this world! Little tiny happy babies, over the bridge, healthy and free. And all the lovely grown up kitties lost by the Cat Site members over the years will raise our babies and care for them.

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Please don't feel guilty, Laurel - you did the best you could, and kittens are so very fragile - I guess that's why so many are born at one time. Beckiboo said a very lovely thought, and I believe she is right, the TCS "big guys" are there to great the little ones as they cross over. For me, Heaven has cats, and other animals, so I believe that all those little people-babies that have crossed RB are now happily playing with Gumby, and all the other kittens, while those tired, old kitties who have passed are enjoying the companionship of the wonderful elders who didn't mind leaving this world, except for leaving their own furbabies behind.
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Please don't feel guilty. Nature takes over where we cannot......may he rest in peace RIP~~
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Thanks so much for the thoughts everyone; I will miss the little guy terribly
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Please don't feel guilty, you did everything you could. I'm very sorry for your loss.
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My heartfelt sympathy on your loss of little Gumby. It's always so hard. But as others have said - he's happy & healthy again now. It's a blessing he didn't suffer, and you did all you could. He's happy with all our other perpetual kittens now.
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I'm so sorry for this painful loss, Laurel. Precious little Gumby is so happy and healthy today in Heaven and is so grateful for the love you gave him!
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I am so sorry! I send hugs to you.
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oh my R.I.P. Gumby
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