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am in ER AGAIN

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Need get well vibes cuz I'm now in the ER waiting 2 see a dr.

About 4 days ago, started coughing + having pain when breathing or coughing.

Am TIRED of going back + forth 2 ER and experiencing pain!

Need positive vibes PLEASE.
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Positive vibes coming!
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Sending tons of vibes Pamela.....let us know.....
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Hope you are okay Pamela!
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I'm so sorry to hear you're still not feeling well. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way!
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Let us know what they find, and get well soon!
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Tons of get well vibes coming your way {{{{{}}}}} My fingers are crossed that they find out what is wrong and can heal you ASAP!
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Lots of good vibes going your way!
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Oh, Pamela, that sounds miserable! I pray that you will be better soon.
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Vibes coming {{{{{}}}}} Not feeling well over a holiday too. Bummer.
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Oh Pamela, wishing you to feel better soon, and some great cough suppressors! Uploading virtual chicken soup, to be sitting on your counter by the time you return home!
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Get well soon!!!

How in the world did you create the thread in the emergency room, though? Do they have public-access computers in there?

Sorry, I'm confused.
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Oh no! get well soon!
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Lacey - my feeling is that she has a sidekick pager - which has internet access. I love mine!
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Originally Posted by Kiwideus
Lacey - my feeling is that she has a sidekick pager - which has internet access. I love mine!
Yep, she's right, I had my sidekick pager with me and that's how I was able to post a thread while waiting.

The dr said I have a bad case of bronchitis/chest infection and gave me some cough medience and antibiotics so HOPEFULLY SOON it'll start working and I will be HEALTHY soon!

Appreciate all the "get well vibes"!!!

My body's immune system must be very weak at this time causing me to get this sick within 2 weeks and forcing me to go to the ER TWICE ! Before this, I hadn't gone to the ER for at least 5 years!! I better take some vitamins so I don't have to go back to the dreaded ER.. Grin.

Well the medience is making me snoozy so I'm off to bed with my furbabies.

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Take care, Pamela. Hope you feel better soon.
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thanks for the update. Wow, that Sidekick sounds awesome.

I really hope you feel better very soon!!!
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Feel Better Pamela!!! Sounds like you need to take it easy for a while!
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what's a sidekick pager? they sound cool!

Pamela - I had a chest infection a few weeks ago, they are no fun are they.

Sending you lots of good well vibes.
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my bf has a multifunctional phone and he can chat, read emails, listen to music, call, and write on word, also sms.
I think he is so crazy. Those phones arent available in germany, we bought it off ebay in austria, but he got the software in australia...

I hope you get well soon pamela!
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