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We need good vibes this way

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My family needs good thoughts & prayers sent our way!

Sunny (my mentally challenged bottle baby) hasn't been home for at least 3 days. We left for the weekend on Friday & he just refused to go into the house. He is an indoor/outdoor kitty. But he's a little slow. Not a tree climber (after he got stuck twice up one). I told the house sitter to let him back into the house when she came, but she said he ran under the porch when she came on Saturday. His 2 brothers were both ready to come in, but not Sunny.

When we came back Monday, no Sunny. He's definately a momma's boy, loves to snuggle & drool for me . But no sign of him at all. All of my other kitties checked in on Monday (must've really missed us!!)

Sunny is 11 months old, was bottle fed from day one, & was scheduled for a neuter on July 1 (he's not a big boy & needed to catch up). I know he could be sowing his oats, but I really think at 11 months old, he's lost & wants momma.

I live in the country, & know all of the neighbors. I will ask around today, but DH thinks he'll be back. I really hope so, but am so worried about my little guy. I've been told the nieghbors set poison under a rented mobile home (right beside us) and since we were gone all weekend, I just have a feeling they've done something bad to him. He does cross thru their yard in his wonderings. They won't/don't talk to us. Have actually called the police on us before(long story, nothing happened). SO I can't ask them if they've seen him.

I really want my Sunny boy back. He has a very loud & tom-catty voice (he's only about 4-5 lbs) and always let me know where he is. He's never been out longer than overnight, and waiting to run in the next morning! I've called & called, no luck. I will try the late night-early morning calling. We do have 2 cats that are outdoor/barn cats & Sunny hangs with them. But like I said, everyone but Sunny is accounted for.

Please send good thoughts my way, I need my Sunny kitty in my arms!!

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Prayers, good vibes & good thoughts going out to you, I've got my fingers & toes crossed to! Come on home Sunny, your meomy misses and needs you!!!!
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Prayers and good vibes for Sunny, keep us updated and tell us the minute he is home and safe!!!
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Hope he comes home soon!
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Good luck in recovering your kitty
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Prayers for sweet Sunny.
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Sunny is home!!!!!!!!!!

An early morning call this morning (7:30 am) was MIL asking if Sunny was back, they had a cat in their live trap (set for raccoons) & thought it was Sunny!!

It was, he was gone for 4 days, none the worse for wear, just hungry. I'm going to try & move up his neuter date, July 1 is toooo far away!

Thanks for all the good thoughts! They came thru!

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so glad for a happy ending! When I read about the poison I feared the worst. Well done you and MIL for finding Sunny!
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Yipee!1 Sunny is home! Good idea on moving up the nuetering date!
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Glad he came home!
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Yippee! Sunny's home!!! Please give your precious boy kisses from Sierra and me, Tricia!

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