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Buzz is gone and I now have a question

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Hello .. I have not been here for awhile but I know this is a wonderful site with many cat lovers who are very well informed.

Two weeks ago ,today , I had to put my dear cat Buzz down . He was one month shy of 16 years old. He was losing weight but he was always hungry !! He also stopped using the litter box. He had blood work done and I was told he had the start of kidney failure and also I.B. D. I had litter boxes everywhere but he would not use them. Sometimes his stool was explosive and he also took to peeing on my throw rugs . Can a cat become senile???? Or does anyone know why he would not use his box??? I know it is too late for any answers but I was just wondering if there was a reason .......
Besides his "accidents" ,he was looking and acting so miserable so I knew I did the right thing but it is still so hard for me to get over that day !! You see, I opted to see him "after" and when they brought him into the room ,all wrapped up in a towel, his eyes were wide open !! Does that always happen or did the vet just forget to close his eyes??? I broke down but I managed to go over and kiss his little head and say goodbye !!!

He now joins his kitty sisters.. Cookie who died on her own at almost 19 years old and Toonces who suffered from total kidney failure..she was 13 years old AND her doggy brother Smokey who lived till he was 15.

R.I.P. my dear pets..I will always love you guys as you made my life so joyful !!!! I look forward to the day when we will meet again !!
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I'm sorry that I can't answer your questions, but I'm also really sorry about Buzz (and Cookie, Toonces, and Smokey). :'(
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I think kidney disease and irritable bowel syndrome could have made your kitty uncomfortable enough to stop using the litterbox. It is always hard to question what best to do for these little loved ones. I have been in similar positions with pets. It is so difficult to make the decision, but it sounds like it was inevitable for your pet.

His eyes were open because the medication works so quickly and painlessly that the cat does not close them. I wish the vet had closed them before you visited with him! I am very sorry for your losses. May your heart heal in time.
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I don't have answers to your questions, but I am really sorry for your loss.
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I was there when my Jimmy was put to sleep, also because of kidney failure. I stroked him and talked to him as he went. When the vet said he had gone, his eyes were still open and the vet gently closed them.
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Hi Jan, I seem to believe every passing is different because I was with my first cat as she passed away and just like your Jimmy she slowly closed her eyes as the vet administed the drug. My second kitty died here in the house and she NEVER closed her eyes. We rushed her to the vet and even they could not close her eyes . Actually they did not try but when I asked if they could please close her eyes the vet said it was not possible. Maybe because she was dead too long???? I am kind of mad at the vet for not closing Buzz's eyes as it would have made me feel better when I saw him. I was all by myself and that is the reason I chose not to be with him and watch him pass away BUT I am now second guessing myself and I wish I had the courage to stay !! I suppose the old saying "hindsight is 20 /20 " is true in my case...
Well, thanks to everyone who answered and for all your kind words Sincerely , Judy
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I am sorry for you losses.
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I'm sorry that your little cat passed on. Please don't second guess yourself. Your little cat was very sick and your pets all live for a long time, so you must be taking very good care of them.
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Thanks Katie and all who answered !! I know I did the right thing and as the days go by it seems to get a little easier so for that I am grateful. I do have many fond memories that will never go away AND I must say this is the BEST site for all animal lovers.. You are all amazing !!!!
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I am very sorry for your loss. It's never easy to say goodbye to a pet after so many years.

To answer your question, I think all animals, just like humans, become "senile" when they get old. Brain cells die and it can affect memory and change an animal's behavior. It happens progressively, in some pets faster than others.
I can't say if that's what happened in your cat's case. His other health issues might have affected his behavior as well.
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Its always hard to say goodbye to our loved ones but know that Buzz is now in perfect health and chasing all the butterflies at the bridge

I am sorry I dont have answers to your questions but I am glad that it gets a little easier each day. Buzz is now watching over you and protecting you as you did for him and he waits the day when you can meet again

RIP sweet Buzz - enjoy those angel wings
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