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British -vs- American Shorthair

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What are the differences between a British and an American shorthair?
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I'm not sure, but I'll move this to the Breeder's Corner where someone will definitely know.
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Thanks! I was debating on putting it there, but since I wasn't actually breeding them, wasn't sure!
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Are you talking domestic, or what? I find that the british breeds tentd to run more close to a persian in body shape (IE, they're a little more stocky, and round in the face) and the americans are more in line with a siamese body type.
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I have no idea what I am talking! Someone mentioned a british short hair, and I looked one up on "petfinder" and the "british shorthair" that I could find looked remarkably like a "American" shorthair. So I am just confused as to what the differences were.
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While searching around on this very topic (gotta love The Cat Site's Article Archives!!) I found this:

It may help some.

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Thanks! That answered my questions on the British side. This article helped me on the American side:

So, in laymans terms - both are "muts" history of the cats - but a British or American "short hair" can consistenly produce a kitten of a certain physical conformation. And this is different than a "domestic" short hair, which is a true random "mut". Correct?
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That's the way I read it, Tracey ... I admit upfront and honestly that I am somewhat ignorant of the genetics in any breed except Siamese, so maybe someone who is much more knowledgable about it will come along and help out!

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I wouldn't go so far as to call them mutts, but it does appear that the breeds were created by mixing several breeds. To be honest I tend to think most purebred cats come from the mixing of more than one breed to get a certain look. I read somewhere that Siamese cats are one of the oldest breeds, but I do know that most of the other breeds did originate by mixing more than one breed together.

Since basically all British Shorthair cats looks about the same in body and face, they were able to make it a true breed. I don't think American Shorthairs are quite as cool looking at the British Shorthair though. To me, the American Shorthair does look just about the same as any mixed breed cat.
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The British Shorthair is MUCH cobbier than the American Shorthair and they have a much shorter nose. I think they have thicker fur than the American Shorthair to.

You might say that the British Shorthair, the American Shorthair and the European Shorthair have a simialr background but they have all been developed in different countries (the UK, USA and Sweden) so they do have different types.
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European shorthair? Off I go to research again!
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I LOVE the American Shorthairs I have 2
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Originally Posted by Talon
European shorthair? Off I go to research again!
If you have a hard time finding pictures and info about the European Shorthair when you search the web for "European Shorthair", try "Europé" which is the Swedish name for the breed. If you like the British Shorthair and the American Shorthair, I think you'll like the European Shorthair to
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I beleiveit should be easier this way

ESH - European short hair - show cat of my friend - considered aborgen breed in Russia which means you can find a cat in the street and bring it to the expert to get a breed certificate

ASH (American Shorthair) - we do not have them here so do not know much about it

BRI (British shorthair) - differ from American shorthair by more rounded face with big cheeks and very special type of fur - very short and very thick - this is mine stud on the CFA show
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Sky_simba, your BSH is absolutely amazing!!!!!

We don't have ESH or ASH's here in NZ, only the BSH which are my favourite. They are simply beautiful!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Sky_simba, your BSH is absolutely amazing!!!!!
Thank you very much he is the only one in my house and I adore those breed. BSH (we have an encoding of BRI for them) are absolutely adorable for their soft and calm apearance and moreover soft and calm nature And American shorthair is a kind of relative breed to British Shorthair as they were used in breeding BSH - for bringing in new colors From my point of view this is much better outcrossing than getting the new colors from exotics which was also spread a lot as ASH type is more close to BSH At the moment all out crossing has been prohibited for British Shothair but still many of the animals has ASH and EXO in their pedigrees which unfortunately does not allow them to compete for a championship in TIKA and CFA.
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