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User Titles

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Several members have contacted me by email, saying they don't know why they're called junior members.

I now changed that user title to "new member" instead. Also, I changed it so that people can reach the "member" title at 20 posts (instead of 30).

Right now, the titles are:
new member - 0-20 posts
member - 20-100 posts
senior member - 100-400 posts
very senior member 400-800 posts
super member 800+ posts

Let me know what you think about these titles. I can change them. Different forums use different member titles. How do you feel about these for

kitten - 0-20
young cat 20-100
adult cat 100-400
senior cat - 400-800
alpha cat - 800-1200
head of household cat - 1200+

Or something to that effect... Your suggestions are more than welcome!
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i really like the

kitten, cat, etc idea,
over new memeber, super member, etc..

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i really do like the

young cat
adult cat

idea, its incredibly precious and so fitting ! not to mention unique especially that " head of the household cat " hehe

~ katie
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Yeah, I also like them. Let's try and work out a nice series of titles. How about Tiger for someone with over 2000 posts? Also, do you think people might not like the "senior cat" cat title? Give me your thoughts and suggestions. I'd rather take a few days and work this out together.

I think I'll move this thread to the lounge for a few days, just so as more people can see it.
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I want to be a kitten
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Oh no Pnut! I don't want you to stop posting at 19 posts
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Anne...I really like the kittens, cat idea! But can we have them with the moderators titles too? Like...Adult Cat Moderator...or Senior cat moderator...ect....that way we get in on the fun too!!
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Anne...the cat thing is a good idea. However this makes you a senior..
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Yep! I agree Deb, I think this makes Anne a Senior Cat. In fact, I think hers should read Head Of Household!

OK, here's my thoughts:

00-20 posts: KITTEN
21-50 posts: PICK OF THE LITTER
51-250 posts: KATTEN (what I call a young cat thats on the border of the transition from kitten to cat). or YOUNG CAT
251-500 posts: ADULT CAT
501+ posts SENIOR CAT

Moderator: TOP CAT

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I really like yours, MeowMan....*I wanna be a top cat* LOL
Good ideas!!
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I kinda like the "alpha cat", don't you? Maybe people will like it better than senior cat? How about using some wild cats titles, like tiger or leopard? Just a thought...
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Okay, I think I'll have it like this:

0-20 posts - kitten

21-100 Young Cat

101-300 Adult Cat

301-700 Alpha Cat

701-1200 Super Cat

1201+ Top Cat

Moderators - TCS Home Cats

Administrator - Head of Household Cat

If you still think we need changes - shoot! I can make changes at any stage.
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I like the cat rankings!!
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Okay, I had to change my title to just TCS Head Cat (the other one was too long).
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The cat titles are it! Also, you have lots of room for change - great idea - can't wait to be a grown up cat!
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This is great. So glad you changed the titles!!
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Wahoooo! I'm an adult cat! >^..^< MEOWMAN SAYS HAVE CATS, NOT KIDS
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ahhh... meowman, where do you get these lines? They are way too perfect!! Congrats to you. :flash: :flash:
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Well SW, being a writer/filmmaker I just make them up as I go. I'm sure that I will eventually run out of cat lines, but not for a while. Thanks for noticing by the way. Your the first that has said anything to my Cat-Quips as I call them. I was wondering how long it would take. >^..^< MEOWMAN SAYS CATS FRONT PAWS ARE THEIR HANDS AND THE REAR THEIR FEET!
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I too really like the new titles! Great idea Anne!!!
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Now that I've caught up with what's going on, I like them too, Anne. A fitting idea.
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Oh Boy!
I love it, I love being a young cat! Cat <me arina teehee....
Although, being a little kittie is always so cute!
I feel like tearing up the toilet paper!
God Bless All!
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