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Grooming senior persian cats

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One of my friends came over on Friday and we were talking about our senior cats. One of her persians is now 15 yrs olds and will no longer let her brush her. Her cats were always a bit temperemental. So she is resorting to cutting the mats out with scissors. I mentioned the "zoom groom" someone has mentioned earlier.
Any other ideas I can pass on to her???
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Sometimes when our cats won't let us groom them, they will let a stranger. She may want to consider taking the cat to a groomer once a month or every two months. Using scissors and cutting them out yourself is pretty dangerous. Cats skin can be like tissue paper and it's easy to knick them and not realize it. I groom all my own cats (including bathing) all the time and won't take the scissors to them myself again! It's worth a try at least, to take her to a groomer. And well worth it. When I bathe my cats regularly, it gets all the loose fur out and they remain mat free pretty much till the next time.
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