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Libby & the Cats update

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Well, I thought I should post an update about Libby and the cats for those of you who remember. Remember when I mentioned that I wondered if getting another dog might help distract Libby from the cats (she loved to play with them but she was way to hyper for them and two of them didn't want to have a thing to do with her)? Well as most of y'all know we got another dog (Sam, a puppy); not for this reason though (we couldn't leave a 5 month old puppy out on the street)!!!

Well Sam & Libby are quite a pair! Libby is rarely interested in the cats anymore and Sam is very good with them! I really think this was meant to be! Buttons actually will let them come around her now! Patches still needs a lot of work, she's one of those jumpy cats (but I wouldn't have her any other way because she is my special baby).

When Libby does decide to get hyper with the cats Sam does the same. I swear they are constantly playing follow the leader! But as soon as I yell "SAM, NO" he stops as does Libby. Sam really does well with verbal repremands. Libby would never listen but since Sam, she seems to follow in line very well now. I think it's because she doesn't have so much pent up energy now that she has Sam. They really are good examples on one another.

I do want to get one of those tall cat trees so that the cats have a place to "get away from it all." Right now they go under the treadmill when they've had enough of being around the dogs.

At night everyone goes to the pet room for bed. I really want to move to a bigger place so their can be a "cat room" and a "dog room"; it's only fair right
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It sounds like you've really come a long way since then....Sam is a good friend for Libby and since dogs are a pack animal, they do play follow the leader.

Cats as you know, love to be looking down on everything...I can't wait to finish my cat tree for them. It's going to be huge and it'll have lots of places to play on.

Who knows, eventually they may be sharing sleeping quarters ya know?

:LOL: I've seen stranger things happen! :LOL::LOL:::LOL:

Love ya,
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I am so glad it sounds like everything is working out well!!! *hugs*
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I wish my place were bigger so I could have dogs and cats. You have such a wonderful little family!
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I'm so glad that things are working out for you and your "family"!

AP, I also wish I had a bigger, more animal friendly place, somewhere I could adopt or just foster more cats, and maybe even (gasp!) a dog!

(dont let the cats hear me say that though!)
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Sabra - That's great! Sounds like you have a busy house. Glad the kitties are getting a reprieve.
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We're quite the family Right now we are in a two bedroom renthouse. It's pretty nice but there is definitely no more room for additional members, not even the human kind! No, too soon for that - especially with the limited space. Sometime soon though we will start the whole planning process for kids. I'm 23 and hubby is in his early 30's and he says he wants to have kids while he still has the energy for them.
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