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puzzling male cat behavior

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my husband and i adopted two cats about 7 months ago, they're about 1 1/2 years old now. the people at the adoption center told us that they had grown up together, but i'm not sure if that means they are truly brother and sister or not. we were told they are both fixed and they have both been in to see the vet for shots and checkups since we got them, but recently the male has been acting like he's not fixed. he's been peeing in our dirty laundry baskets and also our bed yesterday. i'm not sure if it's truly spraying or not, but this afternoon he tried to "mount" our female cat, his "sister." he's also been acting a little more aggressive/hyper and more vocal during the day. another thing (i'm not sure which cat is responsible,) is that both yesterday and today we've woken up to find a turd on the carpet. is it possible that these two things are related? i haven't been able to call the vet yet because the office was closed over the long weekend. anyone have any suggestions??
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I would call your vet. I have heard where sometimes spays and neuters aren't "complete" and have to be redone, but his spraying could also be a UTI and he needs a vet to rule that out.
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I would go to the vet first, for one, as Hissy said, the neuter may not have been complete, even if a small amount of testicular tissue remains, he will exhibit un fixed male behaviour because that peice is still producing testosterone. Also, he may have a UTI, or perhaps urinary crystals or a kidney stone in the early stages. Best to catch it now before it becomes really painful. Good luck! Please let us know how it goes!
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I don't know any answers but talk to your vet....I do wonder though just because a male cat mounts another, does that mean he isnt' nutered?? the other behaviors may call for it but I just wondered
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I called our vet, but they don't have any appointments until Monday(the 6th) My husband is in the military and we're stationed overseas so I really don't have the luxury of being able to just go elsewhere. He really doesn't seem to be acting sick or in pain, I just hope he doesn't keep peeing on our stuff between now and then. Any recommendations for getting the scent out of laundry other than just normal detergent?
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I had a neutered male cat and a female unspayed (foster) a few years ago. and she went into heat and he did try and breed with her even though he was neutered. Had been neutered for 10 years and never tried it on any other female cats we had in the house that came in unspayed.

Also, at the animal rescue I volunteer at, theres a male cat that will mount the male cats, I think its a sign of dominance or something.
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well, we just got back from the vet. she had to use a catheter to get a urine sample from him, but he was really good about it (thank goodness!) she said there were some "suspect" particles that could possibly be tiny crystals and that his protein was a little high, but no obvious infection. he is on antibiotics anyway just to make sure that if there is a low-grade infection it clears up instead of getting worse. we'll see if it helps, i guess. i also ordered a feliway comfort zone that i'm hoping will help calm him down a bit.
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Good job! That is good news and I'm sure a little weight off your shoulders. Feliway should help too. Please keep this updated, it's very interesting to read.
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Well, it's now day 3 of him being on meds. So far, we've been able to get the pills in him, but it's starting to get harder to do. He hates every minute of it, and I think he's starting to try to hold it in his mouth longer so that we think he's swallowed it, but really he's just waiting for us to put him down so he can spit it out. He's too smart for his own good sometimes!
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