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afghanistan kitties (and a wolf)

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my sister and her partner live and work in afghanistan and have "adopted" some stray animals

her email is as follows

Thought you would be amused by our latest challenge of living in Afghanistan.

We have 5 kittens from our family cat, Garry collected another 2 found dying in the mud, and now another 5 have turned up in our storeroom cupboard. That makes 12 kittens!!

Plus on top of all this, we also have adopted an Afghan Wolf Cub, don't even ask!....

and here are the photos she attached
a litter of kittens

and a Afghan Wolf Cub

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Aww... What precious little babies Danielle!!
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Oh what beautiful babies. Thanks for sharing these pics with us Dan.
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Awwww Danielle those are just so precious!! Bless your sister and her partner for taking them in
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What beautys!!!!
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Oh my gosh! What a gorgeous cub! if they need help in rearing the wolf cub, let me know and I will put you in touch with a friend of mine who has coyotes.
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What adorable little kittens! Full marks for raising a baby wolf too
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I can't see them!
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Adorable, I'd love to have a chance to raise a baby wolf. Are they going to keep him as a pet, or reintroduce him to the wild at some point?
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Is the wolf going to be domesticated, or is he too wild ?

How do you keep him from the kitties ? ?

What kind of work do you do with the Afghans ?

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oo when she goes back to australia is she goign to take those beautiful kitties with her??
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WOW DAN, Look at all those beauties! Your sister and her partner are wonderful people!
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Wow! Those kittens are so sweet, and the cub - whoa!
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That cub looks like a fox!! They all are soo cute!!!!!
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they are so nice and kind!
i love the wolf. i want to know how they came across the wolf.
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Oh Wow! I LOVE that Wolf cub. What a little beauty.
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thankyou everyone for your comments... and thankyou MA for your offer to introduce them to someone that may help. Will let you know if its required.

a few of you have asked whether they will be reintroduced to the wild or are they going to keep them. To be honest, I have no idea whatsoever I have sent an email off to my sister to ask, but her responses are often slow.

I also dont know how they came about the wolf - most likely its mother was killed by a mine or something similar, but I will endeavour to get an answer to that question as well.

My assumption is that they will all be kept, but I doubt very much whether they would bring them home with them.

Leonard - you asked what work they do. Well my sisters partner, Garry, is a chef and looks after a series of guest houses over there. His guests are all international reporters and such.

My sister, Sharon however is the reason they went over there 2.5 years ago as she works in foriegn aid. Her present role is working with the local afghans and training them to become midwives. Many of these are women and in desolate areas, and in a country where women working is frowned upon this is a huge achievement.
Other work has been to start a "school for bread" organisation, where for each female a family sent to school they would get one loaf of bread a week - this was a huge success and many females are now in school. Another role she did was "raise" money to buy children shoes.

Its the simple things that we take for granted that she has been working on and I am so proud of her efforts and achievements. It surely does take special people to work in these roles.

Thankfully however they will be coming home for good towards the end of the year. As we all know its not a safe country and we think of them everyday and hope they are safe.
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Thoes are some sweet babies! They just all look ready for a cuddle!
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wow, Danielle, your sister and her partner are amazing! Please tell them we think they are wonderful for doing what they are doing!!!

Thanks for the pictures! They are SO cute! How wonderful, yet again, are they for helping the animals out!!!

Please keep us updated!!!
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Beautiful animals! Those kittens are just adorable! Do they feed them cat food or human food? The reason I ask is because my husband is from Iraq and they don't really feed cat food. Especially in the South. When we first got married Rashid spoiled Peaches rotten by hand feeding her chicken and fresh fish from the table!
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Awww, Dan those kitties are sooo precious! And look at the wolf cub, how adorable!

Bless your sister and her partner for all that they do! They are amazing people!
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Dan - they are doing a wonderful job! Bless them for taking them all in!
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Yeah, Huggles, sometimes, I think the world has gone crazy in a mudbucket ! !

On the one had, here we have people wanting to spend another $2,500.00 to get a GPS in their BMW, and in that part of the world, a loaf of bread is a significant item.

No wonder so many persons are trying to get into the "civilised" world.

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Cute photos Danielle!
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Oh Danielle, those gray tabby babies just look like my old kitty Tigger, RIP. Alllllllll....they are absolutely beautiful!!! and what wonderful yet challenging work your sister and mate do, however I'm very happy to hear they are coming home, especially with baby on the way.
Thanks for posting!
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