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Kitten Conditions

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When Tehya had her babies early Sunday morning, she had them underneatha huge oak entertainment center. There isn't much space (in terms of how high the space behind it is.) There is only about 5, maybe 6 inches tall max. The kittens are starting to pee and poo, and I know they can't just go all over the carpet and then lay in it. That can't be good for them. So, what would be the best thing (thats thin, because lack of space!) to put under there for them that I can change out? Any advice would be appreciated!!!
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Mom usually takes care of the poop and pee issues by licking their behinds so they go. As she is doing this, obviously, she is ingesting it. There may be little spots left behind and so I would suggest, if you can, placing something soft, warm and washable under there and letting Mom make her nest from it.
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A blanket is definitly a good idea underneath the babies - sometimes the Mummys don't do such a good job of cleaning when they are first starting out.
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The best thing to do would be to move mom and babies to another quiet spot where you can monitor them.
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I also would suggest attempting to move them, however that is not as easy as it sounds, because she will probably put them back and it's best not to stress her if you can help it. However, I would just use a soft flannel infant recieving blanket or pillowcase or something.
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