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Picture of Me, Oh No!!!!

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Okay, I was going to post a pic of me and hubby at the shower we had before our wedding but I can't do it. They were emailed to me and when I try to make them smaller they don't stay that way when I save them. I'm clueless, can someone help please!!!
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Email them to me:

And I'll adjust them for you. Don't send an already small version - use the regular one.
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Thanks Anne, I sent them. Hope it works!
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Darn Sabra! hahaha! :laughing2...You had me all excited to see the pics! :LOL: Oh well, another test of patience...what else is new! :LOL:

Love ya,
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I can't wait to see them!!! But I won't be back online till Monday, so I will have to wait..
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First pic
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And #2
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Oh Sabra!!!! Great pictures!!!! You are beautiful!!! looks like you guys were having a really good time, there! I want to see wedding pics, too!!!!!
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Looks like a happy start to me too. I agree with Debby -I need to see wedding pics too!!!!!
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Awwww...Sabra, you look so happy and relieved too!!! :laughing2 You guys make a gorgeous couple...all smiles

I can't wait to see the wedding pics! Anne are you keeping us in suspense? :laughing2

Love & Hugs,
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Great photos! Got to love all opening all those household gadgets. I remember helping pack up all the stuff my sister and brother-in-law got! Wow, talk about toys! :LOL:
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Thanks for all the compliments you guys . I don't really get to be on here that often on the weekends - computer at home is slower than mud and AOL always kicks me off!

I haven't gotten the pictures back from the photographer yet. I should be hearing from him this week (or he'll be hearing from me). He also puts a mini album on his website so I should be able to post the link to that on here once he gets that done.

I need to get my rear in gear and get the film developed of my dogs so I can get all my fur babies pics on a cd.
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Love the pics!!! What a great couple you make!! awwwwww schweet!! C'mon Sabra, get that butt in gear and show us yer pics!!! (We may get violent you know....especially that Debra Myers....shes a dangerous one you know....)
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