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Please Help With Pee Problem!

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Hi, I am new to this forum simply because I need help with my kitty problems. I've got 2 female cats, both about a year old. One (Stoli) has been fixed but the other (Bel) turned up as a stray not too long ago and is waiting for her trip to the vet. For the past few times that Bel has gone into heat, my roommates and I have found urine on our beds and in our closets. We always thought maybe this had something to do with Bel being in heat, but I just caught Stoli peeing in the closet, so I am assuming she is the culprit! Does anyone have any idea why? It really has just been when Bel has been in heat, so I am totally stumped!
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Welcome to the site....have you checked out this thread:

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I think you will find that the problem will go away on it's own after Bel is spayed. But - in order to be 100% totally safe, you should have Stoli into the vet for a check up to rule out Urinary Tract issues.
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Hopefully the links provided for you will help. If not, let us know! The important thing to remember is to be patient with her, and don't scold her for it. She wants to do what's right, but she's obviously having some sort of trouble. Sometimes animals pee innapropriately if they're stressed. Sometimes they don't like the brand of litter they're being made to use. Sometimes the litter box just isn't clean enough for them to use. Stress can come from the littlest things, so discounting stress might not be the best idea. Something as simple as changing work schedules (i feel like a tape recorder repeating this in different posts) can stress your cat out. A new addition to the home whether animal or human can be upsetting to your cat.

Or perhaps it's just from being in heat?? I don't know about cats being in heat, I have two boys who are fixed.

Check those links and please update us on how you and she are doing!
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I only have one spayed girl-cat, but I'm think if one of the cats is in heat, that would stress the other, and the stress may cause the litterbox accident. If that's the case, spaying your girl should take care of it.
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