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here's Joshua

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Here are some pics of my sweet little kitty Joshua. Those were taken shortly after I adopted him (3 months ago). He has gained some weight since.

He is such a great cat. Loves to snuggle. Likes to follow me around. I really think he's a dog disguised as a cat. He even plays fetch.

finally, here's a picture of him doing what he does best... meowing!!
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What a handsome boy! I LOVE his little black nose
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Oh my goodness he looks just like my Ash! He's soo cute and he sounds like Ash too..he loves to follow me around eveywhere I go!
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he does look a lot like Ash!!!

Joshua is a VERY handsome boy!!! Great pictures!!! The first and last pics are my favorites!!!!

Thanks so much for sharing!!! I can't wait to see more!!!
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They look like twins. I thought they were the same cat for a bit there.
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He's lovely~~ What a gentle spirit he has shining through!!!!!
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Oh he is so pretty.... oppps did i say pretty? Sorry Joshua, I meant handsome!!
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Joshua is CUTE!!
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Joshua and Ash do look the same. They even pose for the same pictures! (almost)

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wow. lots of twins going around...

I was looking at my local humane society's website (I'm planning on gettting Joshua a little brother/sister very soon) and look at that:
another twin! also named Ash.
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I will have see if I can snap a few more pics of him....they look like they could be siblings!!
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Oh he's very sweet
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He's one handsome kitty!!
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Lovely to meet Joshua! He has striking markings on his face!
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Joshua is a very handsome fellow!
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He is so handsome!!
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He's very cute.
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Joshua is really handsome.
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