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frontline/revolution users?

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I'm looking at the costs of everything for my new cats, and I'm wondering how many of you would recommend Frontline or Revolution monthly for the kitties. They'll both be indoor and living with a small dog, plus I'm hoping to foster kittens sometime in the future, when Chay and Billy have settled in and gotten comfortable in their new home. I've always thought it would be a good idea to use Revolution - my only problem with it right now is that its a little pricey for the two cats, but their health would be worth the money. Should I go for it, or is there a better solution for parasite protection for my babies that isn't quite so expensive?
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Jefferspet.com has really good prices for Frontline, I dont think they carry Revolution though.
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You need a Rx for revolution. The best price last year was at 1-800 pet meds.
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I alternate between Frontline Plus and Revolution. I give them Frontline for a month then for the next two months, I give them Revolution.

On another note, I got Revolution from 1-800 pet meds without a prescription. They only asked me the weight of the cat.
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I use Frontline, but it from healthypets.com
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I asked our vet about using Advantage vs. Frontline Plus, and he responded that we don't have any ticks in the area and that he would recommend Advantage for flea control.

Last summer I alternated using Advantage and Frontline Plus on Mooie, who is an outdoor cat.
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I still stand strongly behind Frontline Plus. Revolution does do some good with worms, but it doesn't address nearly the range of flea/tick issues that Frontline does.

The types of worms that revolution prevents is fairly limited, and a routine of deworming the cat every few months is generally a much more thorough proceedure, at relatively low cost difference.

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In my area I'm mostly concerned about fleas and about heartworm (from mosquito bites). I decided to use Frontline Plus for the flea prevention, and treat with Heartgard to kill any heartworm larvae that may be transmitted by mosquitos. My cats only go outside under supervision...either on a leash or in a stroller, so I'm not concerned about contact with picking disease from other cats or picking up tapeworms from ingesting fleas (off of mice that are caught and eaten). That's just what I thought worked best for me.
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I use Revolution for my boy.. it works very good. I haven't seen a flea in months. I just get it from my vets, go in whenever I want and ask for enough to do all 4 boys.
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I bought Advantage for my cat and I don't think it's working very well. Admittedly, I neglected to use any sort of flea control on him from January to May, because he's indoor-only and fleas never seem to appear then.

However, it's been a week since I put Advantage on him and he is still scratching (thick-furred so it's hard to find the fleas). Either he is just itchy or there are still a few fleas on him.

I know that I'm itchy, but that's because the fleas have bitten me a few times too.

I'm switching to Frontline after this. My parents use Frontline on their indoor/outdoor dogs and cats and never have a flea problem. Silly me for saving a few bucks.
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