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Please help!!!

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Tehya's kittens are having their first bowel movement (helped along by mom) and one of the kittens had a very big one, half regular dark stool, the other almost diarrhea(sp?) like consistency, and it was much much lighter then the rest of it. It was also about an inch and a half long, is this normal for a less then two day old kitten??? Please help, scared out of my mind!
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There is actually a color chart regarding the stool of young kittens. This is taken from my friend Dusty Rainbolt's most excellent book Kittens for Dummies: Please bear in mind that this is geared towards hand-raised babies

White with cottage cheese texture- the kitten is either being over fed or the forumula (milk) is to rich for the kitten's young system

Grayish and runny- possible bacterial infection- call your vet

Greenish- bile isn't being absorbed or you are overfeeding. Dilute formula with Pedialyte

Mustard or brown colored slightly soft to firm- perfect for bottle fed babies

Yellow and stinks bad- possible coccidia- see a vet

Bloody- could be coccidia, parasites or distemper- call the vet NOW

Black- indicates possible internal bleeding- VET now!

About how long the stool is, some kittens expel them to the size where you think there are worms hiding, others poop in small increments.
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Human babies first stool is very dark and sticky. It is called meconium. Then they change to normal stool, which is very loose if they are breast fed. I am guessing you are seeing the same thing with your kittens.

I would not worry about this if it is their first stool. If you continue to be worried, you could call the vet tomorrow.

Congrats on your baby!
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