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Hi Amaretto,

I have some questions for you since you have boxers and my little Sam is a boxer mix (were almost positive that he is boxer/beagle). He's quite a handsome guy if I do say so myself ! He is 6 1/2 months old and at 6 months he weighed 38lbs. I'm trying to guess how much he is going to weigh and was wondering how much your boxers weighed at six months?

I know boxers have their tales cut but do they have their duclaws removed? Sam's tail was cut and his duclaws were removed and who ever removed his duclaws did a horrible job because the scars are very noticeable. I just find it odd that someone would go through the trouble to do this to a mix bread.

We decided to keep him (I guess that's obvious). We called all the local vet clinics and left information and drove around the neighborhood asking people and looking for signs and nothing. I find this odd too because anywhere we go people always comment on how cute and good looking he is. He was also infested with hook worms when we found him. I know that it's common for little puppies to have them but we found him when he was 5 months old!

Well, here is my next question for ya. Are boxers vocal dogs? We soon discovered that Sam cannot be outside by himself at night because he howls. We don't leave him outside at night but we tried letting him be outside for a bit just to get some exercise (Libby loves to be let out side for bits of time to explore and run). Also, when he wants to play with us he will start barking at us . It's cute but Libby does none of these things and I was wondering if they might be typical of a boxer. It could be the beagle but I will have to do a little research into that.

Sorry, to go on and on and thanks for any info you can give me. Thank you for the compliments on my name.
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Ok I know nothing about boxers...(well obviously I know what they look like, but I mean temperment wise I know nothing!) So all Im here to say is : PICTURES PLEASE!!!! ha ha ha
I mean you can't say he's that cute and then not let us see the little guy?!!!!
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I know, I so desperately need to get pictures posted on here. I was going to send pics of my kitties to Catarina and she was going to put them on CD for me. Well, I'm a procrastinator and since you all still need to see kittie pictures, wedding pictures, and puppy pictures I figured I would just wait to get all of them at once. I should be getting pictures from the wedding photographer next week and he normally posts a mini album on his website. I just need to get my butt in gear and get the dog pictures developed so I can get a cd to have the dog and kitty pictures put on it.

Oh, I just remembered. Someone e-mailed me digital pictures of the couples shower we had. I can post that so you all can see what I look like
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Oooo yes yes yes!! Post it!!! I can't wait to see the other pics too!!!
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Sfell - I know this wasn't addressed to me, but I know the answer to one of your questions, I think. If your dog has beagle in him, I would be that's why he's so vocal at night. Beagles and other hounds are very, very vocal. This trait is important in pack hunting dogs, and that's what Beagles are bred for. So I bet that's why he's so noisy at night. We used to have neighbors who had three beagles and they were out at night. Let me just say, I was very thankful when they moved. I'd also love to see pictures!!
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Thanks Dawn!

I thought so too but I couldn't find anything on the vocalness of boxers. It's funny, he only howls and whines when he's alone. As long as Libby is with him he is fine.
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Poor 'lil guy just wants some company! Libbys it when you can't be.

I can't wait to see the pics!
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Yeah! If he's not with us he's with Libby otherwise he would howl and whine and bark. Libby is a very quite dog. She doesn't bark unless she's in "I've got to protect my home and family" mode.
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