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How can a cat ... ?

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How can a cat ...

- sleep soundly through the noise of a vacuum cleaner or loud music and be awake instantly at the sound of cat food hitting a cat food bowl at the other end of the house?

- hate water and yet be so clean?

- have such soft little feet and yet make so much noise running through the house?

- ignore a $10 cat toy to play with the wad of plastic wrapper it came in?

- fit into the tiniest space to hide, yet be impossible to fit into a large carrier when you're late for a vet appointment?

- refuse to eat healthy cat grass yet nibble on a poisonous houseplant?

- follow me around the house when I've got things to do, then run and hide under the bed when I've got some spare time to play?

- always seem to be hungry yet won't finish the food in the cat bowl?

- be so soft and yet so sharp?

List some other opposite characteristics or behaviors that leave you confounded...
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LOL!! I love it!

I can't think of a single one atm, but that was great, lol.
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Every one struck a chord!
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How true they are!!!
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- be nowhere in sight until you have studying to do, then they are right in the middle of the book!
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