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Michelle, :laughing2 You are one funny lady! :laughing2 :laughing2 Keep posting and I'll be running to the bathroom in a sec! :laughing2

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Oh no! That is just too funny!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I know what you mean about school, Alexnell - back in high school I was such an outcast... looking back I know it's because I was just a clumsy dork, but dang, kids are mean. *sigh*

I'm still a clumsy dork, but at least people accept me!
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I must haved been about 7 years old and it was the summer holidays and I was in Blackpool visiting my aunt (Blackpool is a sea side resort which is packed with tourists in summer time) My dad took my sister and I to the beach so mum made us put our bathers on under our clothes and wrap our panties in our towels to get changed into afterwatds. Well I was walking down the high street and this old man (well I though he was old as I was a kid) picked up my panties and shouted at the top of his lungs hey little girl you dropped your panties here....everyone heard that was close by and I ran up to him and said really loud they are not mine they are my I grabbed them red faced and ran to my dad and gave them to him to put in his pocket!!!!
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OOOPS! :laughing2:
Good one Amanda! :laughing2
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I was going to start a thread for Embarrasing moments but I decided to search and then bump this so we can share our moments

I laughed out loud at all of these Especially Deb's & Rebeccas lil.. well lets say "accident"

Come on guys!
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ok, after reading all of you guys' I think I can tell you mine

ok, here goes;

I was in my teens and my parents let my boyfriend sleep over, as long as he slept on the couch. In the middle of the night I crept downstairs to see him, well one thing led to another and we were shagging in the middle of my living room!

Well, Dad came down and caught us!

I was grounded for two weeks I think. My face still gets red thinking about that.
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Tamme! You naughty girl, you!
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Yes very naughty.
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I was never naughty. teehee!
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When I was in the second grade I went to Catholic school. The playgroung was divided boys side and girls side. Of course the water fountain is on the boys side and I was careful to step only on the sidewalk so as not to be accused of going on the boys playground. As I bent to take my drink of water a huge gust of wind blew my skirt up and over the back of my head. I learned to go thirsty at school after that. The boys all stopped and watched me struggle to pull down my skirt.
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Tamme - Very Naughty lol

Teresa- Awwww! How embarrasing!
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After thinking about this thread for the past day, I've finally decided to post my experience. I have so many embarrassing things that have happened to was hard to pick just one! So, I've picked 2 of them!

First one:
In the 8th grade, my PE class was playing woofle ball. Of course it was Boys vs Girls but we didn't have enough girls to play fair. So we rounded up 2 spare teachers Mr. Selk & Mrs. Reynolds to play on our team. I hate playing sports...I'm just a big clutz and nothing I do is quite right! So, I'm up to bat and the bases are loaded. First ball, I swing and miss. Second ball, I swing and miss. By this time I'm ticked off and slightly embarrassed so I start to really concentrate on hitting this damn ball. Third ball, I swing and I miss but somehow my grip on the batt slipped...and off it flew through the air. Now that is bad enough, but it's a line drive right to third base where Selk is standing & NOT PAYING ATTENTION! It would have been bad enough if I would have hit him in the arm or leg...but no, I had to hit him right in the CROTCH! Poor guy let out a scream like a teenage girl, grabbed his manhood and ran off to the lockerroom! Everyone in the Gym was on the floor laughing so hard and almost wetting themselves. I just stood there with my mouth dropped to the floor and in complete awe that I just did that! My face still gets a little red when I see Mr.Selk. I was just glad to hear that him and his wife we expecting a baby the following apparently I didn't affect his family life!

Second one:
One day when I was in grade school I was on the play ground during recess. It was the middle of winter, but we hadn't had any was just cold. Well, I was walking over to the swings and all of a sudden I had this urge to pass gas. I really didn't think anything of it and no one was directly near me, so I figured I was safe to toot. Well, little did I know that when you fart in the steams up! A bunch of kids happened to look over my direction right when I farted and a big puff of steam come shooting out the seat of my pants!
Thank God the bell rang right after and I ran like hell to get back inside! Being just a little kid, I just wanted to die and I never wanted to go back! I also learned that if you need to fart, hold it until you get back inside!
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ok ok,guess I will tell mine too,
it also has to do with pasing gas,only mine was on my wedding night,yes right after ~~~,being newie married,I was mortifird! (sp)Ted just laughed his butt off.
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Oh I agree! It is so embarrassing when you're in a new relationship and you haven't actually farted in front of each other yet. That reminds me of my last boyfriend (we were together for 3.5 apparently I didn't gross him out too much!) and that first time experience. We had gone on a trip to Indiana and we were staying in Lafayette. We went out to eat and then for drinks later. Well all that spicy food and booze didn't settle well on my tummy. We got back to the Hotel room and I told him that my stomach was upset & felt really bloated. He said "Oh...sounds like ya gotta fart to me!". Being the lady that I am tried to reassure him that I didn't have to do that. I suffered with that all night and we went to sleep...I never thought anymore of it. I woke up the next morning feeling fine until he asked me how my tummy felt. I told him I felt great and he said "Well I'd hope kept me up last night from all that farting!". I just wanted to crawl under the nearest rock and never come out! Thankfully he laughed about it and said that he felt bad for the neighbors. He said that since I was cutting loose he thought it'd be ok for him too...To the neighbors it probably sounded like Dueling Trumpets!
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Most embarassing moment? Hmmm... Well, the high school I went to was shaped like a toilet (wait, it does make sense). The auditorium was the tank of the toilet, while the classes were in the bowl. Also, the classrooms were on many different levels, so to go from one class to another, you had to walk up or down at least one staircase. One day, I was going from one class to another, down the main staircase of the school. Somehow, I lost my step and slid down all of the steps on my butt. Since it was during the change of class, a lot of people saw me including several of my brother's friends. Let's just say my nickname was "bump-bump-bump" for a very long time.

My most recent embarrasing moment...I was in graduate school, writing my thesis and under a lot of stress. So, I was looking in the phone book to find someone from whom I could get a massage. In Cleveland, if you look under massage in the Yellow Pages, you find ads entertainers and escorts (masseuse is the right word to use). One of the ads had a picture of the "massagers" available, including a man with really long hair. I made some comment about how men with long hair look funny, and then turned around to see a male friend of mine who had a ponytail down to the middle of his back. Everyone laughed at what I said and I literally hid under the took him a few days to forgive me for what I said.
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Ah! I have so many!!! One that sticks out is when I first started volunteering at the nursing home. My first job was to make muffins, pass muffins and juice out to everyone, and clean up afterward. Easy enough. NOT! I was barely 13, and my mum had always done the baking around the house. I didn't want to seem like I was stupid, so I said "Of course I know how to bake muffins!". Needless to say, it was a horrible mess. I was in tears by the time I took them out of the oven. My supervisor, at that time, gave me a hug and a bag of cookies and told me to pass those out instead. Well, the residents were accustomed to home baked goods, and the store bought cookies weren't going to cut it. I decided to go back to the kitchen and see if my supervisor didn't have anything leftover from yesterday, because at least it would stop the complaining, which I was at fault for. But on the way to the kitchen, I tripped (I was not accustomed to my too-big nurses shoes and too-long skirt) and got covered in juice and bits of cookie. And I wasn't halfway done my shift! I cried until the end of the shift... I was never so embarrased in my life! I'm happy to report that I've learned to laugh at myself, though. (And that I wasn't fired on the spot, lol.)

A close second: I'm in my school's Art Club and we go around painting murals in the community. We were in a hospital, around Christmas, painting nativity scenes. We cleaned our brushes in a mixture of paint thinner, and we sorted the brushes that needed to be rinsed (paint thinner) from the brushes we could use (water). Somehow, I got the water and the paint thinner mixed up, and I went to fix some details on one of the lambs. The fur was kind of lumpy so I figured I would dilute it a bit with what I thought was water. I guess I had A LOT of paint thinner on my brush, and I wiped out a good lot of it's head in one brushstroke! It took a good hour to fix, (there were a lot of layers and textures!) and everyone was mad at me... lol. I've now learned to put my water and my paint thinner in TOTALLY different shaped containers.
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Shell! Thats hysterical about the farts, you have me laughing so hard!
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I have a farting story that's kind of embarrassing, but we find it more funny. Two years ago my hubby (then fiance) went on vacation with me and my family. We drove down from SF and he drove up from SD and we met in Central CA. On the drive down we stopped in Gilroy (the Garlic capitol) and had a garlic lunch (probably about 20 cloves a piece or more). That night I was farting and burping really bad from the garlic and it smelled horrible. Hubby says he barely made it through the night without a gas mask. LOL The thing is, he had to deal with 4 people like that, that evening and the next day!

Also, when I was living in Germany I had a boyfriend who spoke no English so we had to converse in German. I had a degree in German, but some of my pronunciation skills needed work. One day we were talking about weight and I asked him how much he weighed and he burst out laughing. He finally told me, in between bursts of giggles, that I had mispronounced the term for weigh and it sounded like I had asked, "How often do you masturbate?" Oh man! I did not live that one down the entire time I was dating him and that's 4 years!

I think the worst episode (and I still cringe) was when I'd had a tad too much wine to drink at a friend's house and I went to the bathroom. Unfortunately I was so off-kilter that I didn't notice that an entire roll of toilet paper had gotten knocked into the basin of the toilet so when I flushed the toilet it overflowed. It's so hard to be frantic and drunk at the same time. I came running out of the bathroom screaming and my friend went in there, made a face, and went to work cleaning it up. He pulled the carpet out of the bathroom and dumped it out the window and said, "Never mind, never liked that carpet anyhow. Been wanting a reason to rip it up!" But every time I visited his apartment after that I'd cringe. A mutual friend of ours rented that same apartment after he left college so I still got reminded of my "incident" regularly.

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my husband seeing me without my eyebrows when we were dating! I accidentally shaved them off in college, trying to thin them, hadn't heard of plucking. When I discovered plucking, I would overpluck. Anyway, by the time I met my husband, they were halfway growing and this one time, after waking up, the pencil marks were gone, only had half brows. Very embarrassing for me because noone saw them like that. Of course he laughed, commented about Vanilla Ice (rapper),etc. Now my eyebrows have grown back and I don't mess with 'em
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Well, this isn't a bathroom story like the rest, but it is one of my most embarrasing moments.

I was called for a job interview. I had not been on a job interview in about 12 years. I was interviewing for an Administrative Assistant position and the interview was with the CEO. As I walked across his huge office towards his desk, the heal broke off my shoe. I toppled over and hit my face on the edge of his desk! I can't tell you how stupid I felt. My confidence went right down the drain. And I was really messed up through the whole interview.

As it turned out, he left me a message on my answering machine about 15 minutes after I left his office! He offered me the job. He said that he would hire anyone that could handle that situation with as much grace as I did!
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What a way to get a new job! Love these stories...LMAO!

I've had lots of embarrassing moments...

One that comes to mind is a lesson learned - don't walk on a footbridge next to a busy street on a windy day wearing a long loose skirt!
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Here's mine...
This happened when hubby and I were newlyweds and living in an apartment building. One Sunday we were expecting my entire family and one of my grandmothers to come and visit for the day, and the first item in the day's activities was a picnic. While we were waiting, hubby and I got busy in the bedroom. And while we were doing that, my youngest sister knocked on the door. Hubby called to her from the bedroom and said something like "we're busy right now, but we'll be there in a minute". My sister started yelling "I know what you're doing...I know what you're doing...I know what you're doing..."!!!! And by then the rest of our building knew too, and then my sister went back out to the car and the rest of the family......

When hubby and I went out to the car a few minutes later, everyone in my family had this LOOK on their face and I was soooo embarassed!!!!!
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