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Most embarassing moments.....

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Ok, tell me your most embarassing moments people!! Leave no details out!! ha ha ha ha...(I would start myself but I want to make sure Im not going to look a total idiot...well more so than I do already anyway!! ha ha ha..)Im waiting......£10.00 to the first offer.....
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Ok, I'll bite. It was when my dog Sukie (a St. Bernard) decided he didn't like someone and pissed on the guy's leg. I said I'd pay for the cleaning bill but the guy said that my dog was too cute and it didn't matter. I walked away very red faced and when I told my husband, he laughed and told Sukie good boy and proceeded to give him a treat. I asked him why he said that and did what he did and he said that Sukie probably thought that the guy was trying to pick me up and Sukie felt he already had his daddy. I was really surprised that Sukie let someone near me because unless my husband is nearby, nobody is allowed near me unless Sukie knows them or I tell him it's ok. If my husband is around, he's fine. So that's my most embarrasing moment.

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Ha ha ha ha...poor guy Frannie!! ha ha ha...oh and of course...Poor you!!
Ok, now the balls rolling I gues I could let one of mine slip...(yes "one of" I have a few you know!) Ok, heres no 1: I was at a pub with a bunch of friends and of course there was this guy there I totally fancied.......the night was going great I was rather umm "tipsy"?! and we had spent most of the night outside in the beer garden just talking etc....anyway for some reason we decided to go round the front of the pub, we stood talking for a bit when my best bud came running out screaming that our fave song was playing......so, naturally, as you do....we started dancing on a wall....now this wall was only about 6 inches high, but I still managed to fall off, and not only did I fall off, but I managed to fracture my ankle at the same time!!! Noooooooo!!! So I had to sit on my butt on the floor, tears and mascara running down my face in front of this guy......my sister had to drive the car round to pick me up cos I couldn't walk....oh the shame.... (I soon sobered up though!!)
Anyway, it turned out the guy I was trying to impress ended up walking home with my best friend and.....well...Im sure you can guess!!Needless to say she is NOT my best friend any longer!! ha ha ha ha.....
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At the current exchange rate that is ...hmmmm US$14.25....heheheh sorry could't help myself.

Most embarrasing moment - ok - On day I offered to take my nice to ballet class. In order to do that I had to pick her up from school. Well, the school yard is enclosed by a brick wall and insidee the yard just by the wall are lovely trees with blue berries on them. While I was waiting a bird who must have munched on some of the blue berries pooped on my head. So, now I had blue bird poop on my hair with no way of covering and I still had to take my nice to ballet class. Thank goodness the Ballet teach took pitty on me and GAVE me a scarf until I got home to take care of the mess. Needless to say my nice got quite a kick out of it....
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I was out shopping and was wearing my favorite silver jewelry, which included a bracelet that went 3/4 of the way around my wrist. When I got out of the car at the mall, I had a deeply embedded wedgie. I looked around, and seeing no one, I decided to retrieve it. I stuck my hand down the back of my pants and my bracelet caught on my belt loop, trapping my hand there. I couldn't get my wrist out of the bracelet, or my hand out of my pants. I was wiggling around trying to get loose when I heard laughter behind me. There were 6 young Marines standing there just howling! I finally managed to get loose, got back in my car and went home.
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I have two. Once back in 1993, I was in college and had to go to the bathroom. All the bathrooms in the student center were built the same way. Well, I didn't look were I was going. I thought that I was going in the right one. I didn't look up at the doors, just assumed it. I went in and realized that I went into the mens room. No one was there at the moment, but then I heard someone come and I had to hide in the stall that had a door. And I had to stay there for ten minutes until everyone left. When I got out, I found people sitting close by and they saw me get out. I was so red in the face, that I ran to hide.

I put this in another thread. But, last year, I was working in a call center. I was wearing a long, lose skirt. Again, another bathroom incidient. I went to the bathroom and returned without checking myself well. I found my supervisor following me and laughing. I also found other people looking my way and laughing. My supervisor told me that the back of my skirt and slip were up to my waist. So everyone saw my underwear on the backside. I was able to hide myself in the comfort of my booth for the rest of the day.
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Krazy Kat...........I can not stop laughing.:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
I can picture the WHOLE thing!
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Okay, here it goes............

I was a Junior in High School. U.S. History was my last class of the day and the teacher was really cool; he was kind of like a buddy with us. Whenever he finished up early we would end up having about fifteen minutes of class time left and we would all socialize with each other and the teacher. Well it was one of those days and while we were sitting there chating I let out an SBDF (silent but deadly fart). No one knew it was me but the smell was so bad that the entire class, including the teacher, went to wait the rest of the time out in the hall. Well, one of my best friends was in that class and while we were on the phone that night "the fart" came up and I decided to confide in her that it was me. Well, the next day she told the teacher and the other people in class and everybody was looking at me with a wierd look and their face. At the end of class the teacher said he couldn't believe a smell like that could come out of a girl. I was so embarassed!!!! I should have kept my big mouth shut!!!!! I confided in her because she started saying names of people she thought it would be and I didn't think that was right.
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Oh you poor thing!
:LOL: :laughing2 :LOL:
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Well, This happened about 13 years ago when my son was 5, anyway, we lived in an apartment in southern california, and I decided to take him to the jacuzzi for a while. We'd been there for about 10 minutes when one of my nieghbors came to use the jacuzzi also, just so happens that she was a college student from sweden, and to be honest was a very nice looking young girl in a very small two piece suit. So she proceeds to sit down in the water, mind you the water level came up to mid sternum on her, so Im sure you can picture what I mean. As I was chatting with her, I noticed her eyes kept darting to my son, who had become very still and quiet. When I turned and looked at him, it was as if he was in a trance, eyes as wide as grapefruits, staring directly at the upper half of her suit . I was a little embarresed but it got much worse when I casually put my arm around him to give him a tap, he quickly turned his head, barely recognizing me and turned back so fast to stare I thought he was going to hurt himself. He was so entranced that it didn't matter what I did, he just couldn't bring himself to avert his gaze.... Needless to say that I had to pick him up to leave, making my apologies as we left..

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Hmmm...something about bathroom inciedents :laughing2 Well, I was with a few friends in this swanky resturaunt/lounge in Miami Beach. There was one guy in particular that I kept my eye on, so as I walked passed him on my way to the restroom, I made sure I made eye contact and gave a big smile to him. I made sure my lipstick was on, blah, blah, blah, and walked out. Again, making eye contact with this guy, who returned my smile, and added a little wink. I was like "wow"...no doubt he's gonna come over and talk...I had to go down these stairs and in instant, I felt disaster coming! My heel of my shoe broke and landed straightaway into someone's main course! I was appalled and I cringed as I walked towards the people and had to remove the heel of my shoe from their plate.

When I spun around the guy I was flirting with was laughing so hard!!! I don't know how if I've ever been so embarrassed...but, I look back now and it was pretty funny. Oh, and that guy....he came over and we went for a walk on the beach...without our shoes! hahaha ...nice, guy, but not even close to the man in my life today!

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Okay... but you guys can't tell ANYBODY, okay? Just our little secret?

One morning I got up and got dressed - putting on the same pair of jeans I had worn the day before. (I do that when they're still clean.) I went to the mall and bought a few things, went to Wal Mart, bought a few more things, made a few quick stops - just little errands - and then went on to work. When I got to work my boss looked down and said "What's that?" and pointed at my pantleg - where a pair of my sparkly blue thong underwear were hanging out of the cuff of my jeans. When I had gotten undressed the night before I had thrown them on top of my jeans, and when I got dressed the next morning I didn't notice them. Of course, it just had to be a day I ran all those errands, and I'm just sure they were hanging out the whole time. The only consolation I have is that I don't think they were readily identifiable.

What makes matters worse is every supplier my boss talked to that day, he had to tell them the story too.
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I hate to even think about this to post it, but oh well

A few of us from work had gone up to see Vertical Horizon do a showcase (this was before there release 'Everything you want' which went to #1)and afterwards we were at an after party. The band was there, as well as Natalia Imbruglia (she did the song 'Torn', and this was the height of popularity of that song, and she had just come from an appearance on SNL. She is on the same label as VH, which is why she was there) and of course the president of the label and various other high level folks.

We were at this cozy little cigar bar, and I was walking down the spiral steps and my heel caught and I stumbled the last few steps and only kept from falling because I grabbed on to the rail. Luckily only 2 people noticed, but I was mortified none the less. Just thinking about how distasterous it could have been still makes me break out into a sweat
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Once I was taking my Golden Retreier Buddy for a walk. There was a bunch of people around. Then all of a sudden Buddy found somebodies nice rose bush and decided to piss all over it.
It was winter and it was really cold out. ]
So all of a sudden everyone starts staring and I am wondeing why.
I look down and Buddy's still taking a piss but it was so cold
that his piss started steaming on the ground
and on the rose bush!
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Why is it always the bathroom stories?!?

This one wouldn't even qualify as an embarrassing moment if I would just keep quiet about it, as I was the only person there, but here goes anyway.

One night, many moons ago, I recall having a dream about having to go to the bathroom in the worst way. Well, obviously the subconscious is a reflection of real life, because I really did have to go. In the dream, I finally made it to the bathroom. I guess some type of sleepwalking was going on, because as I was dreaming about going to the bathroom, I had gotten out of bed and woke up enough to find myself relieving myself in the underwear drawer of my dresser. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the night cleaning up after that one. What an idiot!
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I can't believe I am telling you all this one but here goes........
I was really, really sick with the flu one winter a while back. I had terrible stomach probelms that were going along with it. During the night as hubby and I were sleeping - so tightly together - an accident happened. We used to sleep like spoons tucked together, so my butt was against his tummy. I awoke to a poor hubby wondering what had happened to him - his t/shirt was 'stained' shall we say.

Now years later, he still says that I sh** it him!
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I was piercing this girl's navel. I had the needle through and was about to follow it through with the ring. I caught the ring on the finger of my glove and it flew out of my hand like a slingshot and down into the considerable cleavage of the girl in the next chair getting a tattoo on her lower back. Fortunately, I had another sterile ring close by and was able to finish up. I think my face is still red!
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This wasnt really embarrassing ...... One night hubby's parents decided to take us to a mexican food restaurant. I hadn't eaten all day. I ordered a peach margarita, and with that we had chips & cheese crisp before our meal. I ordered a cheese enchilada for the meal . After we finished eating, I told hubby I didnt feel good & I wanted to go home, but he said just to drink water........ Well, I drank the margarita too fast, and well ....... I threw up on the table in front of his parents after we had finished eating! Oh, the poor people across from us must've been disgusted!
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Honey, you never told me that one! :LOL::LOL: That's hilarious!

Love ya,
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...um there's the time I went skinny dipping in the Australian outback and the local police showed up with high-beam flashlights; they didn't arrest us, but did tell us kindly to get out of the hotspring and put our clothes on :LOL: I remember they were on their way to a conference in Canada and asked all sorts of questions about what it was like and how to get there. I remember my best friend saying (yes, we'd all been a little)"maybe we'll see you there" and the constable replying with his flashlight and saying "Not as much as I can see of you now!"

Ahh yes wayward youth

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Touche' Mr. Constible! :laughing2 :laughing2 Poor Shawna!
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I guess I've had plenty of embarassing moments, but no very big ones as I can't remember any. Just one, when I was about 15 and playing in a volleyball tournament, I was getting from the "gym hall's" stage part to the actual area of the games, which was about four feet lower than the stage, and when I, trying to look very "cool", jumped down, my sneaker got caught and I fell flat down on my face in front of all the other teams and the audience. Luckily I didn't get hurt, and we won in the end.

When I was in New Zealand as an exchange student, me and my friend, a Danish girl, were at a party, drinking beer and watching people play pool. Well, later on there was this cute guy by the pool table and my friend went over to him, and said "Why are you playing with yourself?". You should have seen the guy's face! After a bit he realized my friend had made a mistake, not having English as her first language, but it was hilarious. Later on I explained to her what she had said, and she was sooo embarassed. They did start dating... . :tounge2:
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First I'll have to say "OUCH"!!!

The next one was hilarious :laughing2:laughing2 What a great meeting that was! :laughing2

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HA HA ha ha ha ha ha.... (sorry my comp is not letting use smilies today!?!)Im still killing myself laughing at the bracelet caught in the knickers!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha...that is tooooo funny!! And Cat going up to ask someone if she could get her heel out of their dinner!!! waaahahahahahahahaha....oh this is s good thread even if I do say so myself!! Oh and Tiptop in the church!!! and tat guy "playing with himself" ha ha ha ha ha...stop! stop! stop!! I need a minute to breathe!!! YAAHAHAHAHAHAWAHAHAHAHWHWHWAAAA!!!!
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OH NO! :laughing2:laughing2 Rhea, you just made me laugh so hard that you reminded me of the time I went out on this date and this guy made me laugh so suddenly that I blew (spit) my gum right in his face! I was mortified! :laughing2 Needless to say, he wasn't very happy ...but isn't it weird how he wanted to swap spit later? :laughing2 So, since he made such a big deal about the gum...I didn't kiss him! :laughing2

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Oh Cat, you should NOT have brough up the subject of gum.....I have a really embarrasing story 'bout that....I'll try not to be too graffic.....and sorry if this grosses anyone out!! I had just starting seeing this guy when I was about 16, we did the usual stuff you know kissing etc.....anyway, one day he had this great idea to try and swap gum whilst kissing, I didn't want to - thought it was gross, but he really wanted to so I said ok....anyway you know what happens next...so it turned out that rather than biting the gum... I ended up biting his tongue!!! EEWWWWWWW!!!! Poor guy I about bit it off!!!! Afterwards he was kinda yelping and drooling and I just got in an arse and said "well its your own stupid fault!" hmph......
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Generally, I try and block such memories, but here's the first that comes to mind...

In my ever more distant youth, I was invited to a house party of a friend-of-a-friend whom I had gotten to know, somewhat. Anyway, started in the evening, nothing out of the ordinary, much alcohol, much food, much MORE alcohol (you get the picture)...

The last several things I remember was dancing (yes, me dancing, 3 a.m.) in the dining room and deciding I needed to take a breather. As I sat on the living room sofa, my weakened brain took notice of a bottle of Jamaican Dark Rum and instantly "that looks tasty!"

Lifted the bottle to my mouth, took a healthy swig and then, "Wow, it seems really warm in here."

Moved to front stoop (4 a.m.) and with little or no effort "SPLASHDOWN" (so to speak)

The host gently helped me up, tossed bucket of water (or three) at the scene of the crime and told me, "Don't worry, its not a party until someone hurls." He then, graciously loaned me a place to sleep until 9 a.m. at which point I dragged my sorry carcass home.

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Ouch, Ouch, Ouch for Rhea and OOOOOOOOOO... for you Bill.... Been there! YUCKO!

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I was such a nerd in school...I was always doing something to humiliate my self either by being clumsy or totally socially inept. There are so many awful incidents. Thank goodness no one ever knew about this one though...

I was busy studying for a huge math test, and completely forgot to do my laundry. The only clean clothes I had were a long dress and one hideous pair of old ratty no-elastic stretched out granny-pants underwear. During the day, I was constantly running into the bathroom to hitch up the undies because as soon as I wlked 2 steps they started to fall down. I was the last in the lunch line because of taking time to make an "adjustment" before I went to the cafeteria, so I didn't get my food until just before the bell rang for class. I had to run to get to class. I made it there. The undies didn't.

No one saw me lose them, thank goodness. I wish I could have seen the look on the face of the person who found them though.
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