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Is it just my little fuzzy guys or are males in general more cuddly than females?

I have 2 adult persians -- 1 female/1 male and the male is an absolute mush-boy. I also have 2 kittens (10 weeks of age) 1 female/1 male and male is also a big mush.

My little Bob (kitten) is being accused of being a "momma's boy" around here. He follows me wherever I go, sleeps with me and is real close to having a live stuffed animal--a total mush

Don't get me wrong...my 2 females love to be picked-up, played with and stroked but they seem to be much more independent...even my little girl at 10-weeks of age.

Just wondering...

We are 4: [IMG][/IMG]
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I totally agree. Boys are more cuddly. Girls are more independent. The funny thing is, I grew up with a female cat, and consider their behavior "normal". Garfield is the only male cat we have had, and dh commented once that he acted more like a "normal" cat to him. Of course, dh grew up with a male cat! LOL!
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What I have noticed is that the male cats are sweeter to me and the females are sweeter to my husband. Don't really know why.
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You know that you mention it, my females are sweeter to my son and my husband...the males cling to me. Hmmm...
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I have one boy-cat who's the ultimate lap cat. He'll take every opportunity he can find to cuddle. The other boy-cat can take it or leave it. And usually leaves it if there's anything the slightest bit more interesting to do. My girl-cat distains my lap. She likes to be affectionate, but only when and where she wants. And usually that's when I'm working on the computer -- that's when she comes to me for scratchies.
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Originally Posted by Charcoal
What I have noticed is that the male cats are sweeter to me and the females are sweeter to my husband. Don't really know why.
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I have an 11 year old female who's a cuddle slut, a 7 year old male that could care less, a 1y/o male that is occassionally needy, a 1 y/o male that's always needy, a 10 month old female that loves head scritches, but is otherwise standoffish, and an extremely independant 2 month old female.

In general though, more of the male cats I've had were far more extroverted and full on lovey than my females.
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Omg, that's a wonderful picture, lol. The one with its mouth open and the BIG FURRY one lying down! LOL

It's been my personal experience that boys are more affectionate than girls, but that's not an absolute rule.
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I think that maybe the females tend to be more attached to one or two people but the males are friendly with everyone. Both of my babies (one male and one female) love to sleep on my lap and will often try to nudge each other out of the way or both squeeze on there together. My female, however, doesn't like most men, whereas my male doesn't care as long as they pet him. My parents' cat has usually been most friendly with my mom and my brother, but the other cat we had when we got her loved everyone.
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Aerowyn is a total massage hog. Boy do I ever regret giving her a kitty neck massage when she was a kitten *sigh* she must relate the massaging to the happy juices that come from a kittens neck when it is held by its scruff.. any time you try to pet her she automatically turns around and puts her head down on your hand. Blah kind of annoying. SHe wont jump in your lap and sleep though, but if you call her she might jump up for a bit of a petting. She likes to be held and sleeps by me. ELliot on the other hand, doesnt like you to hold him when you are sitting down, only when you are standing. He sleeps BY me but not ON the bed, usually on the shelf above my head. He is a bit more affectionate at times though, he gives kisses, and purrs more.. aerowyn doesnt give kisses, just bends her head down for her neck to be scratched *sigh* It really just depends on the cat and how it was raised and who it was raised with
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