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Bernardo/Homolka victim claims cover-up

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Homolka, IMO, got off far too easy - 12 years for the part she played in several rapes, a kidnapping, two murders, and the killing of her own sister? I never bought the "battered wife syndrome" and PTSD in her case; she was living at home when she drugged and helped rape her own little sister. She's due to be released in July.
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Disgusting isn't it? If the death penalty was a reality in Canada it should have been used on those two if no one else. She is as guilty as her husband Bernardo IMO.

I doubt she will be safe when she gets out, there are too many people who want her to suffer like those poor girls did. I can't say I am sorry about that~
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The prosecutors were too quick, in making a deal with her. If those videotapes had been found earlier, she'd have never gotten off, so lightly. She was an active and willing participant, in all of those crimes.

This case is also a testament to the long-held, erroneous belief that women aren't capable of such violence and must be led into it, by some man. Bovine excrement!
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Absolutely, I would agree Karla Homolka got off way too easy. I certainly hope she doesn't come back to Ontario.

That said, I'm frustrated about the ongoing media attention this case has been receiving, and labelling the Bernardo/Homolka killings as the worst case of serial killing in Canada is appalling. I believe the fact that the victims were from well to do families, were all teenagers, and because of the sexual nature of the killings, that there has been such a wave of media sensationalism and attention. Not to mention a movie has been made about it. Glorifying teenage sexual slayings... how appropriate for the times when little else seems to thrill and entertain.

How quickly we forget (or easily dismiss) that Robert Picton, a pig farmer outside of Vancouver, BC, has yet to await trial for killing over 20 women who were not from such well to do homes, and whose bones were found on his farm many years after the fact. The public/media/law seem to be holding these victims in contempt and disregard simply because their lives were of seemingly lesser value based on the lifestyles they led while alive. Shouldn't all victims be recipient of a dignified ending? Every one of those women had a soul.
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... I have to agree with Vespacat on this one. I think that pig farmer is a prime candidate for the Death Penalty if Canada ever had one... I happened to see a Dateline story that they were doing on the ladies that were going misssing there and they mentioned him and they showed his history and it wasn't a glorious one either... I compare his case to John Wayne Gacy in my hometown... Except for JWG got death and this Robert Picton is still living!!
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If we did have the death penalty, they would all be prime candidates.

Of course, death penalty or not, Picton hasn't been tried yet, though God alone knows how an impartial jury could ever be selected. There's been quite enough media attention to make that an impossibility -- in this area, anyway. Of course, he could elect to be tried by Judge alone for that reason. Pray that the Crown has a water-tight case. And pity the Judge if they don't. I wonder how many more charges will be laid before it goes to trial.
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Did you fellow Canadians hear the news lastnight? They found letters of hers.....She's been in contact with a convicted murderer that was also released from prison (In Canada) The letters are said to have much sexual....and breathe....violent content in them. They are said to be planning a meet after her release. Get ready for it all over again? I say keep her in there.
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Originally Posted by Kat_Boy
Did you fellow Canadians hear the news lastnight? They found letters of hers.....She's been in contact with a convicted murderer that was also released from prison (In Canada) The letters are said to have much sexual....and breathe....violent content in them. They are said to be planning a meet after her release. Get ready for it all over again? I say keep her in there.
I wish they could. I wonder if "Jane Doe" can insist on charges being brought? Is there a statute of limitations on rape in Canada? There are videotapes of Homolka sexually molesting her, which were shown during the trial.

Jenn, I think that an awful lot of the publicity (international, too - I followed the case over here in Europe) of the Bernardo case was due to their youth and "perfect suburban couple in their neat Cape Cod house" image.
I agree that all victims should be treated with equal dignity (good point about Gacy's victims, Sandra, and I would add the Green River Killer's victims; they certainly weren't given the same regard as Bundy's college coeds).
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I just saw this update:
Apparently, she'd like to settle in Quebec, and has changed her name.
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The conditions of her release are unprecedented, I believe. She has to report to police on a regular basis, has conditions on her movements, and is not allowed to return to Ontario without permission, and a bunch of other restrictions. What I don't know is, what happens if she violates one of the conditions. She has served her entire sentence, this is not like probation, where she could be returned to complete her sentence if she violates any condition.

This arrangment is for one year, what happens at the end of the year?

It is my opinion that she is still a risk. She is attracted to dangerous violent criminals. If she is not in therapy, and under police supervision for the rest of her life, I believe she is a danger to re-offend. Her sentence was so light, because they didn't believe that a woman would be an active perpetrator. I hope they don't make the same mistake again.
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sighs....things never cease to amaze me.
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No vigilante justice, but, yes, in this case, lets string her up by the thumbs, or whatever.

Feelings are different when the situation is objective, rather than subjective, aren't they ? ?

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I do not think she should be subject to vigilante justice.

I do think that she should be tried on the other crimes that we know she committed, including the murder of her sister. She was only convicted of 2 crimes, and in the interpretation of her plea bargain, the notorious "deal with the devil", should be revisited to allow further prosecutions.
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If only we could turn back time and put Karla away for the time she really What are peoples thoughts on the movie that's being released - the story of karla and paul bernardo? Would you go and see it? I've heard the producers are ecstatic that there has been an uproar in Ontario about them making the movie...they are saying FREE PUBLICITY! The producers don't seem to care what this film will do to the families of the victims who will never be able to put this behind them.
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She is loose. And what that article doesn't mention is that at the last minute, she applied (through her lawyers) for a restraining order against the media, so they would be prevented from reporting on where she was living, or anything about her.

Fortunately, the judge threw that out. So she turned around and went directly to a tv station to try and pre-empt the media coverage by giving an interview.

Anyone I know, when they see her picture, see evil. And I'm glad that she did that interview, so people know what she looks like now. All we had were old pictures from pre prison days. She had claimed that she was going to alter her appearance and live under an assumed identity.

She just better not try to return to Ontario.
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I vote for No vigilantism, no lynching, and no public hounding of her.

All this will serve to do is drive her underground and possibly commit further crimes we would be unaware of.

In the best public interest, we should allow her to remain relatively low profile so that she could be better monitored.

I know that if she were living in my city, I would feel safer knowing exactly where she was.

As for the film-making...what about the many, many movies that have been made about serial killers in the past ?(Ted Bundy, Son of Sam, etc.)
This is really no different.
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