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Is there a way...

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In the last few days, I've had this experience several times -- opening a thread whose title piques my interest, only to find that I've done so several times already and each time not been interested in following it.

It's inevitable from time to time, of course, but having it happen several times recently has made me wonder if there is a way to mark such a thread, so that either it doesn't show in my list at all or I can see that I've already looked and am not interested.

Obviously not the end of the world, but a few seconds here and there...especially if time is short.
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Can you go into your User CP and unsubscribe from the threads in question?
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Not a question of subscription or not, Deb. It's threads I've only looked at without posting, and decided I was not interested in -- and then got suckered by the thread title again...and again.

What I was wondering about was a function that would work in relation to a thread as "ignore" does in relation to a member, either don't show me the thread, or else mark it with an icon that tells me I've seen it and am ignoring it -- could even be in the same spot as the "subscribed" icon, say an 'x' instead of a checkmark.

Don't know if this exists, and I just haven't found it, or if it's something that could happen, but hasn't yet. Also possible, of course, that the software will not support it, in which case, not to worry. As I said, not a big deal, but if it were possible, it would be a convenience when time is limited.
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Sorry Fran. The software doesn't support that type of thread management.
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Too bad, but I'll live! It was worth asking. Thanks for looking at it.
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What you can do is hover with your cursor over the title of the thread. This should let you see the first few sentences of the first post. Makes it easier for me to decide if I actually want to click the thread
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That would have been great, Anne, but all I get when I do that is the thread's URL. Perhaps that's browser-dependent. I'm using Opera 7.51 here (office). I've upgraded to v8 at home, so I'll check tonight to see what I get. Maybe it's time to upgrade in the office, too.
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