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Yes that is SO cool - I only found out about it recently while watching a cat documentary and I tried it straight away on Sashka - she responded amazingly - she has always been a bit of a mimic but we had a whole blinky conversation that time. It was great I felt all warm and fuzzy afterwards!

We do it all the time now but I haven't tried the one-eyed blink yet - and am now determined to get one back!!
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"the blinkies" what a great name! I read about this in a cat book when I first got Pushkin, so I started trying it. I get a better response from Wiggies though. He blinks and yawns then meows at me and gives me a head butt.
Now, if I only I could figure out cat speak for "be quiet at night and let us sleep!"
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I read about this in a book called "The Nine Emotional Lives Of Cats", then I also saw it in a book called "The Cat Whisperer". I have noticed that not all of our six cats will blink at you when you blink at them, but one of them almost always will. I believe that it is a way of saying that "I'm not a threat to you", "Lets be friends". I posted this on another site and hardly got any responses to it. I know that it has to be a way of communicating with them, I'm positive of that.
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aww that would b really cool, lol
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I just tried blinking (and winking) at my cat and she looked at me with a very surprised look at first, but then kept looking away. I got down to her level and tried it again, and when I started blinking rapidly, her eyes got really big and intense like she was about to pounce! So I backed off and let her be. Hmm Will have to practice more *slooooooow* blinks!
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