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Announcing Lakesong Rags

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Well, as some of you may know, I raised siamese cats for 15 years, then stopped because our area was over run due to some disreputable breeding practices by several other "breeders" selling unregistered, unhealthy,cats, many of whom I ended up rescuing over the years. Our locale has intensely practiced spay and neuter programs, and I have worked over the years to help them do that. Now, we can victoriously say there are very few cats in the area that need homes, and very few ads in the paper that say kittens free to good home....
With that in mind, I have decided to once again raise purebred cats. Ragdoll cats. I would like to introduce my upcoming foundation queen, Piper.
Her name is Familytime Pied Piper At Lakesong

At approximately ten days old

At approximately 2 and a half weeks old.

At 3 weeks old doin the ragdoll flop

At approximately 4 weeks old, stalking the camera

Finally, get that camera! LOL

I am completely in love with her... waited a long time for her, impatiently through her mothers pregnancy and delivery, and knew she was the one.
She is a seal mitted, we think with a blaze which isn't clearly developed yet.
I'll post more pics as she gets older. She will be staying with her mom and littermates for at least 8 more weeks, but I feel like I know her already and simply can't wait to have her here in my arms!
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Oooh she's adorable.
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Oh what a cutie!
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