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Are you a night owl?

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I just wanted to know weather you're a night owl, or a early bird.

Me, I could stay up till the sun came up, and sleep all day, if it were my choice.
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Originally Posted by Ilovecats

Me, I could stay up till the sun came up, and sleep all day, if it were my choice.
Most days it is my choice and I do
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most nights i could stay up all night, but others im in bed early
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I voted inbetween, because on a weekend i can stay up until 3.a.m, but on a working day i like to be in bed by 10.30-11.p.m because i'm up at 6.30.a.m
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H - E - double hockey sticks YES! I am a night owl!
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I should add though that I'm feeling like a bed owl right now.
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Originally Posted by Hydroaxe
I should add though that I'm feeling like a bed owl right now.
WHAT!? It's 2:30 AM here so it's only 4:30 AM for you right?
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Yeppers....I am a definite night owl...gotta hit the hay soon though. Going on a short road trip to taylorville, I'll at ten this am.
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i love to wake up early, and go to the beach because i hate it when i go to bed late adn then dont get to the beach early enough
anyway i like to get my things done in the morning because in the night time i become soo lazy and just wanna relax
so i voted inbetween
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Good anwsers, guys!
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I love working on my computer when it is not too hot. Usually I will work until I dropped, that will be around 3am.
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I'd have to say I'm a Nite Owl. I work the Graveyard shift, and I sleep days. Even on my off days, I usually stay up really late.
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Originally Posted by ash_bct
WHAT!? It's 2:30 AM here so it's only 4:30 AM for you right?
Youzzzz guys are crazy!! That's what time I get up!
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Early bird by necessity. I have to be up for work at 5:30 so if I am not in bed by 10:30 the night before I am just evil all day.
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I'm an insomniac, but, because of my pets, and more precisely, my birds, I'm out of bed by 6am, regardless.

I usually try to find a quiet period in the afternoon to try to at least nap on the couch.
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Somwhere in between, somtimes i like to watch a movie with my husband and we will stay up a little late, other times i get sleepy and go to bed earlier, usually even if i'm not tired i will go to bed and cuddle a cat, the purring will put me to sleep soon enough

i love to sleep in until around ten in the morning, i don't work so i don't need to get up for a lot, the cats sleep in too so i just feed them when we all wake up

i always get up early on weekends so i can go garage sales, it's sooo much fun, kinda like a treasure hunt, either that or i go to the beach, i'm an ocean girl and i miss it sooo much, i only get to see it on weekends now


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Due to working overnights alot as a kid. I am a night person through and through. I am not a morning person. I will get up and do chores...half the time I go back to sleep, LOL...I also work nights now..not graveyard but nights.
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Sleep...what's that? I am a cat slave...not allowed to sleep.
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I prefer to be a night owl, but these days I'm a very early bird...up at 4:45 AM.
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I am a night owl through and through! It's 1.25 am or so here and I can't forsee bed for at least an hour or two...

Luckily I don't start work until 2pm!
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I used to be quite a night owl, but as I get older, I am less so. I don't think I'll ever qualify as an early bird, though! Workdays, I'm usually up about 7 am, but I'm most comfortable getting up around 9, and I tend to poop out about midnight. So, I guess you'd say I'm somewhere in between.
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I love these anwsers! What's this about getting up at 4:30?!?! You are crazy! Sometimes, that's when I go to sleep!
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For some reason my whole life I have pretty much woken up at 7am. If I stay up late sometimes I sleep in until 8 or 9, but not always. So if I stay up until 4:30 am, even if I don't have work the next day, I will often wake up 2 1/2 hour later and not be able to sleep anymore.

This makes me a cranky and somewhat mean person.

Besides, I like to get up and DO things. Then I lay around at night.
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I am an early bird. When school is going, I should be in bed by atleast 9:30 - 10:00 because I have to wake up at 6:30. School is out now for me, but I still go to bed at regular time and still wake up at 6:30. I guess I am just used to it. On the weekends I spend with my dad or my pappaw I tend to stay up later, but if I'm here it's 9:30 90% of the time.
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I have a hard time getting to bed before 4am and a very hard time getting up before 10am. If I could work second shift it would probably be best for my body. I've always been like this. I absolutely cannot get to sleep before 2, but as long as I get 6 hours of sleep I'm good to go. It's a real pain when I have to be to class at 8ish, because I have an hours drive and will end up with about 3 hours of sleep (unless I take night-time allergy medicine- then I can fall asleep whenever). If I need to get in an earlier sleep groove I'll switch to night time allergy medicine for a week or so, but it feels unnatural to me and I get cranky.
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Definately a night owl... Since my mom passed away especially. Was up till about 8am every night and wouldn't sleep many hours. Actually thats how me and my BF got together. (He was the only other person that was awake when I was!) Now it's been 8 years and I've gotten a little better. Now it's between 2-4am unless I really really have to go to bed early for work.
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I can stay up really late if there's something fun or interesting going on, but if it's just a typical night I'm in bed usually around 12:30. I love sleeping and am not a pleasant person if I haven't gotten enough of it!
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Well I used to be a night owl and I used to haunt TCS until 4am sometimes even 5am. But now I'm an early bird and like to be in bed by 10pm!
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I'm definately a night owl. I stay up to at least 5-6 am every day. I'm usually just geting to sleep when everyone else is getting up.
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I votes in between. I have no choice when i sleep sometimes. I have a mild sleeping disorder that sometimes makes it so i sleep everyother night. Every since Friday I have only slept about 15 hours. Having a cat that wants attention in the morning doesnt help.
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