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Just broke up a Fight

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I just got through breaking up a tiff between the kid and the half-kid ... From what I saw.. Tiger started it because she wanted to play with Patches. But I guess Patches didnt want to play because she swatted on Tiger and the were in fight mode hissing and swatting and stuff and I had to use my mean bean mommy/auntie voice to tell them to stop. They always get along so well too.
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Oh no! I'm sorry, I hate when my two don't get along. Way to be the mean mommy and take charge!
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Thanks Ari... They have calmed down considerably now.
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Kids will be kids species doesn't have much to do with it, does it!
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Nope Fran....LOL, it doesnt!!
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Glad they have calmed down! How awful.
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Aww Sandra!, my two havent really fought, but Sophie pushes Rosie at times, such as yesterday!. Rosie was hiding under their blanket where we play a little game where i gently poke the blanket beside her paws and she tries to grab my hand, but Sophie decided to swat at her rear end which she doesn't like, so i heard her growling then she decided to jump on her which set her growling even more because she couldn't get to her, so i had to move her off eventually.

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Thats exactly what Tiger does to Patches Susan!! But she does it in a playful manner... I guess Patches was mad because she couldnt go out in the hallway of our apartment.
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Is Tiger younger than Patches Sandra?
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Yeah... Tiger is 6 years old and Patches is 9 years old... Patches is the alpha of the house also.
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Yes that does sound like my two alright!. Rosie should be alpha but only if Sophie lets her!
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My two have been doing that lately too. I get worried sometimes, but I only step in some of the time. They usually settle it themselves quite nicely.

Siblings are the same in all species!
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This is at least a three-times-a-day occurrence at our house
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That's the kind of fight I'd like to be able to break up! My husband was in the laundry room (ZsaZsa's realm; she eats there, and can come and go as she pleases through the cat flap in the window) yesterday, and didn't close the door properly, so naturally Jamie opened the door, saw ZsaZsa, and launched an attack. My hands look like mincemeat. I grabbed a towel and threw it over them, but actually had to pry Jamie's jaws apart to get him to release her. Robert had to take ZsaZsa to the vet for antibiotics - it was his fault, so no way was I going to do it. It was stinking hot yesterday, so common sense should have told him that she'd come indoors, and that the door had to be closed all the way. He's much too careless sometimes. Now he's complaining about the cost of a visit to the emergency vet, and having to give shots for the next couple of days, but I really can't sympathize. I'd welcome a few hisses and swats, but that's not the way Jamie operates with other cats.
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