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Hi- im new and need help!

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this is a little out of place im sure- i dont have cats-well i have one stray that was dropped off by someone- but i came here to find out about a problem. I am looking at a farm to rent- the woman that is renting it now has over a hundred cats. They are allowed in and out of the house at will- and they are not spayed -or taken care of either for that matter- the problem is that all these cats sprayed and soiled the house to the point that i can not stand to walk in it- the odor is disgusting- she doesnt seem to notice it- it is all hardwood floor and the walls are plaster- the stench is just incredible and i dont know if i can rent the place if i can not get the smell out- is there anything out there that i can spray on hard wood or walls to get the odor out altogether that really works? i dont mind keeping a few cats and gettign them cared for properly- but i will not be able to move into that place the way it is now. If i can not get this farm- i will have to euthanise five horses that i rescued -there is no other affordable means to keep them -my hubby is willing to try to clean the place but will refuse to try if ican not get the stench out- i thought this would be the place to ask- if you have any ideas could you please let me know? also- is there any disease that other cats or dogs-horses can get from these feral cats coming and going in and out of the house like that? this lady must be a little nuts but- i need some help here.
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If I am not mistaken.. it is very difficult to get that stench out. Ecspecially when it has had time to set in.

I hope someone else can help you more than me.

Maybe you can help some of those poor innocent cats out by calling your local animal shelter and letting them know what this lady has created there.
That just makes me ill to know that she has over 100 cats and none of them have been fixed or well taken care of. I wonder if she even knows that cats reproduce too!!!

She needs serious help.
Good luck!!
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i was afraid of that- without the cats in the house there must be something that would kill that smell. It was sickening- it really was. I see stuff that is guarenteed or your money back- but its getting involved in the place that scares me- like living with that stench for ever- i couldnt do it- and by that time you hand over 3 thousand in security and lose it if you leave too soon. Unless i get the landlord to waive that or something - if he will. maybe someone will have an idea i hope. Far as the cats- it is a shame- its like with horses - if theres enough that they have to suffer- theres too many in the world then. Im going to get stuck with the whole mess- stench-cats and im sure donations to get them taken in somewhere- and if i miss one cat= its going to start over. what a mess this is huh? Thanks for your reply though
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With set in odor it will be very difficult. You will have to rip up the flooring, the carpeting, etc, treat the area after the flooring is removed with the proper enzyme breakdown cleaners and then let it air out several days and replace everything with new carpeting, flooring etc..My mother in law was a hoarder, and after she broke her hip and was hospitilized the only way the house could be saved was to replace everything. The stench was unbearable. I have not been back to the house since they rennovated it, but there are people living in there now that do not own cats so it must have worked. Contact a local cleaning company and pick their brains about what to use or go to www.urine-off.com and check their product out. But for long-standing urine- you really will need to replace everywhere the cats peed-
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Welcome to TCS!
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there is no carpets- or seperate flooring - it is just an old house with old wood floor- i can not replace it - i only was looking to rent it- IF i can get the stench out . It does not matter what or if i soak the wood floor in- its shot anyway- so i wonder if dumping that stuff on it and leave it would kill it over time? hmm- i got a problem dont i . Miracle pet or whatever that is- does that work on that too? Oh thank you for the welcome!! and responses.
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What is your tentative landlord's position on this? I hope that he would either let you put in new flooring in lieu of cleaning deposit or else replace the floor if he wants you to pay the deposit. I had a similar situation in this place I'm in - the tenants locked both dogs & cats in for several weeks (they were dodging paying the rent & attempting to avoid service of an eviction notice). Since I have cats, and intend to rescue whatever cat I want, and also, my dogs refuse to housebreak (actually they mark territory with urine & feces), I had CarpetMaster steam-clean the carpets & it worked better than I thought possible. Also, I burn scented candles to help keep the smell at bay (most air fresheners & perfumes trigger my asthma). But 100 cats, oh the poor things - they must be sick and half-wild - I hope that the county can help you out but I know that most of the cats will be euthanized. This poor woman needs help, not just mental, but a community of caring individuals who will make the effort to assist in placing these cats in good homes, as well as creating more homes.
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well- i thought about that- the landlord has not been in this place for fifteen years- he has no clue- nor does he want to- but im thinking i better get his phone and call him. Im sure she doesnt want him there for obvious reasons- but im sure not going to take the blame for whats ruined. I have no cats- one dog and shes good as gold. So i do think it is to my advantage to get him out there- i was sort of afraid that if he sees how bad it is- he may start the old NO pets rule after her. So i wasnt sure what to do here- on the other hand im not paying for her messing it up like that. and no one else would move into a @@#% hole like that is now. So i am lost at the moment. I didnt want to get her in trouble either- and - i dont know what he might do as far as the cats are concerned- farmers are next door and im sure for a cheap price they would end up shooting them before i got there. You can' t even breathe in there with the doors open. and the rest of the place needs some repair as well- its not just the cat smell- i guess the LL doesnt like to repair things either - a few windows are out - i wonder what kind of a mess is n the attic- the cats are even on the roof of the house and the attic windows are out- so guess whats up there too?! she said she has not been in the attic for fifteen years either- i can only imagine . maybe i dont want to look.
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Personally, I would walk away from this one and keep looking. I keep remembering my mil's place and how bad it was and how long it took to make it liveable. You have stumbled into a hoarders place and you need the county's help to clear the cats out and advise whoever owns it how to get rid of the stench. Unneutered males and unspayed females, I know what that smells like-
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umm, if she has had 100 cats it will be hard... to get the smell away, like hissy said you will have to restore everything.
I think you should keep on looking to find a better place, and call some sort of organisation to take the cats asap.
I had 21 cats at one stage, and thank god my house didnt smell that bad, we cleaned up the spot as soon as we saw the cats sprayed. we cleaned it with water and vinegar but of course it wont work at your house now.

Good luck!
and welcome to TCS
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Hi And Welcome to TCS!!!
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There are two really excellent air purifiers on the market. The one I have is the Flair by Ecoquest International. ecoquest Intl is the company the Pentagon used to get rid of Anthrax and fuel fumes after 9/11 - they really do kill odor AND the enzymes that create it. They also get rid of allergens (cat dander!!). Most dealers will let you try it over a weekend. I had a cat that lost bladder control and this did the trick in about 3 hours - no smell is left at all, even with rugs, even in humidity, even when I shampoo.

You would also need to hand scrub the hardwood floors with Nature's Miracle. Honestly, it will take work to get the odor out and the air freshener machine is $700. Might be better to look elsewhere.
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