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blood test?

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what type of illnesses would a blood test reveals?
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Need more info..
Most blood test can find antibodies made to fight an invader ... white cell cts can show an infection.. and the type of cell that is elevated can tell wether it is allergy or viral etc... that is from human tests but i believe kitty test s would be similiar
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my kitten is cleared of parasites but i think he's ill, he's eating just fine, going to the box but his loose pooh is going on for weeks now even on prescription diet, he acts sleepy and sits on his butt like hunched over all the time, but he eats and plays maybe an hour or so in the afternoon, i'm just puzzled so i'm taking him again to the vet for blood test, any idea what could this be?
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what rx did the dr put the baby on?? does the baby go outside?? Adult cats are awake for about 4 hours a day not sure on kittens my 15 month old is on hyper speed when awake... Did they take blood to clear the parisites?? If they did ask if they took a white count
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he's on hills i/d dry, i know something is not right, he's so much different when he feels better, running a muck, anyway, these are indoor cats, i have two bengals, i am taking him to the vet on tuesday and ask the vet to do blood test, he was on anti-biotic on two seperate occasions before, i gave him bene-bac two days ago and giving him nutri-cal and hoping he'll recuperate until tomorrow.
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well the rx seems right .. and you are doing all you can till tomarrow
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Just like for humans, depending on the tests ordered, bloodwork can tell you a lot ...you can check for signs of infection (elevated white blood cell count) anemia (decreased hematocrit or hemeglobin), blood chemistrys - glucose level, sodium and potassium levels (just some), liver function, kidney & thyroid function...all these can be checked for via blood samples. This is a brief and simple explanation that doesn't cover all the data they can get - depending on what tests they decide to do.

I am sorry I don't recall, as I know you've been discussing this kitten for sometime - has an xray or ultrasound of the intestines been done yet??
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he had an x-ray 2 months ago and everything looked good and given anti-biotic and gotten better, well, i will have his blood test and go from there.
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