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Missing my babies.....

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Hi everyone, I don't want to depress you all but Im just feeling really down at the moment.... I don't know why but about a couple of hours ago I started thinking about the babies I've lost and now I can't seem to get a grip! Im missing my babies, I have had three leave me in two years and its so sad. Tetley one of my very first darling babies was such an angel (as they all are of course), I remember him soo well, he was always the mischevious one - getting everywhere he wasn't supposed to! He got stuck on the ironing board three times no matter where we hid it! He would follow me round the house and sit on my bed watching me in the mirror every morning when I got ready for work...he was so sweet and had the face and temperment of and angel... Then later, we bought a pure bred Birman which I had been dying for for ages! She was an absolute darling too...all she ever wanted was cuddles!! As soon as you sat down anywhere (even the toilet!)she'd suddenly appear from no-where and snuggle down into my (rather podgy) tummy!! She'd want to get in the bath with you and would just sit there looking sad if you wouldn't let her!! She died from liver and kidney failure at only 10 months old.... And there was also my little tiny baby Ebony, only with us for one week, she just didn't make it bless her, she was sooooo young to be away from her mummy...I miss seeing her fluffy tubby little body waddeling around the lounge....soo small but soooo cute! She was the image of Tetley. They are all buried in our garden, all with their own tree.....It still really hurts though and I miss them every single day.

Mummy still loves you Tetley, Brandy and Ebony.... you will always be my little angels.. :angel2: And you will ALWAYS have a place in my heart
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I'm sorry you're feeling so down. That's awfully rough losing 3 babies in such a short time. But take comfort in knowing that they had a wonderful life with you, as short as the time was and are now in a better place. They are romping and playing together just waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.

I lost my Marina Mar just one week ago and a day doesn't go by that I don't think of her and her awesome, unique purr and long flowing black fur. She was only 2 and a half years old and suffered from a suppressed immune system and an incurable disease.

Marina also used to love crawling into strange places, be it my kitchen cupboards, my dresser drawers, etc. I remember one day I couldn't find her anywhere. I looked in all the unusual spots. I finally found her. She had crawled into my cabinet under the kitchen sink and wedged herself in my top silverware drawer!

Enjoy your memories as I will enjoy mine. They are the one thing that no one can take away from you. They will also help in coping with your pain.

My best to you.
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Thanks for your kind words Donna, I am sorry for your loss also. At least we can enjoy the memories we have, that is a definate blessing....
All the best to you and yours,:angel2:
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Isn't it odd how we can miss our loved little ones even a long time after they pass? There are days I miss my Onyx and Bandit and Princess and Snowball and Old Red like it was yesterday.

I am thnkful for pictures and movies that have them frozen in time for me to enjoy.

I hope that your pain will ease again soon.
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it's so hard isn't it? Missing them... we are constantly reminded of them by the things we see in our homes. Like there are now 2 bowls where there were three...

I hope your pain will ease a little... I always try to confort myself by thinking they had a happy life and heaps of love while with us...

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Thanks guys.....thankfully I'm feeling better today! Of course I still miss them, but today I have a grip!! I just gotta try and keep it! thanks again for all your kind words and thoughts....and Anne-Claire...boy do I know what you mean about the missing food bowls..... But, you're right - gotta stay positive!
Love to all!
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I was thinking about you today and the loss of your babies. Just when I thought I had gotten through the worst of it, I was going through some pictures and found a couple of Marina Mar as a kitten. Not only did it make me cry, but the guilt set in. Why couldn't I have waited until after Christmas. But I knew that I did make the right decision and it was a decision that couldn't wait. If I had waited, it would've been for my own selfish reasons.

I give you alot of credit for your positiveness.

I wish you and yours a happy holiday.
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Donna, Im sure you did the right thing for Marina. I too get those days where I get the lump in my throat and want to do nothing but sulk around feeling sad, I can't help it..... in the end though it makes me feel worse so I have to find something to take my mind off it!... it doesn't always work though.....

Hope you are feeling better now....have a good holiday
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