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big belly?

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So my Siamese that I picked up from the pound has been doing well. But, I have noticed a small belly that has started to grow. When he is on the floor relaxing it seems that it hangs over his foot, not sloppy but noticeable. Do these Siamese cats develop a small circular belly that hangs? Thanks for any suggestions or comments. Oh and I do not feed him that much, he sometimes leaves some of his food in the bowl.
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[color=Black]I would check with the vet ... I will try to find that chart on cat wts..
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Is this way down by the pelvis? Could be what's called a "fat pad" or "fat sack". Some cats get them. It's not related to being overweight and it's not a health problem. It just looks kind of funny (especially when they walk fast, it swings back and forth)
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yeah, it is kind of inbetween his back legs and towards the middle. I have nothing to worry about then? Thank you for the comments, and if anyone else might have something please share. Thank you
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my female cat has that fat sack hanging on her tummy. She's a slender cat. Not more than 3 or 4 pounds. But it is funny that she has a jiggly belly.
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A significant large belly can be a serious health problem. But a little belly is probably nothing. Maybe take a poo sample to the vet just to be sure is isn't worms.
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My boyfriend's Siamese mix has an enormous belly. Is your kitty pure Siamese? If not, what colors? Syd is a flame-point with some mild tabby markings. My experience tells me that these cats do have a tendency to become overweight because of their orange ancestors (most orange and white cats I have seen have been on the heavy side). I would call and ask your vet what a normal weight is and how much you should be feeding your kitty. If he is within a normal range, then I wouldn't worry. Most cats do have a small, floppy belly.
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