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Feral family and rainy weather

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Hello, Ive been trying to catch a mommy kitty and her babies for almost a week now. Ive managed to catch two and socailize them, as well as become friendly with the mom and even pick her up!! They have two good shelters that I know of (under a hot tub concrete foundation and a shed) that protects them from weather. Today it had been drizzly and rainy and although I saw evidence of food being eaten earlier today, I had not seen them out and about and tonight around the time when they usually eat, none of the food I put out had been touched. Should I be concerned?
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I wouldn't be too worried, yours are likely just keeping dry somewhere. Ferals often know of multiple safe spots and there may be other people feeding them as well.
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No sign of them today either I check on the food every hour or so and see if any eating has been done but none so far (at 10 30 am) I think she felt threatened and may have moved them... I hope she moves them back though
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I take care of a colony of 7 (or so...) and they too seem to disappear at times and then return. Ferals do have other "safe" spots that they go to but they seem to eventually return.

As an idea, and I believe I got the idea from this forum awhile back, I built a simple feeding station out of a rubbermaid bin. This keeps their food sheltered from rain, snow and getting gross in hot weather.

When my little colony takes off for a few days, again, they all eventually come back here...maybe they know fresh food & water is always waiting for them. Just an idea...

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Awwww the ones with white feet looks like my own kitty, Buddy. At around one I checked the food and it had been eaten (however, it could have been squirrels or blackbirds too). We have out canned food and kitten morsels. Do you think the momma may be avoiding me since Ive been paying so much attention to her and her babies, messing around with traps and crates, and have taken two from mom?
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I have taken an entire litter away from a mother and although she looked a bit depressed, she did come back to eat. I have another female that disappears for days at a clip...she always comes back though.

Since the mother lets you pick her up, in my opinion, she will be back with the rest of her babies.

Don't worry too much...I'm sure she will return.
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