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Fun confusing game

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this was posted on our fish tank forum.. we still havent figured it out yet but i figured I'd share!!
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Arrrggghhhhh!! That is possibly the most annoying thing I've seen in ages!

Please, please let me know if you get any hints or tips!
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I clicked on some of the stick figures over to the left and one of them pulled a lever and then something exploded with a H*** of a bang and I S*** my pants.

Maybe that's the idea of the game.

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lol its really hard.. i gave up after awhile so i can go back later... i found a hint thing on the web and you have to be really quick to do some of the stuff.. i got frusterated... lol theres another on too that was made before this one thats supposed to be easier
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ok so i've been trying to do this game for about 3 hours now

i figured a few thing's out, but i just can't do it
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wow that is frustrating!
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lol i know i still havent got it!!
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Neat game, but hard. Still havent figured it out.
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I figured out some things, but when I got stuck too long I did a google search for hints.
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haha I did that too... But Im still not fast enough to do it all... i had to restart a few times and got sick of being too uncoordinated haha
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