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Other Kitty "Relatives"

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Thought it might be fun to start a thread where people can post pics of their other kitty "relatives"--kitties that belong to friends or family but aren't "yours".

These are pics of Riley and Lily Grace, who are my parent's kitties. They adopted them from their local Humane Society in FL at Xmas time, both kitties were rescued during the nasty hurricane season this summer. They have brought great excitement and joy to my parents, now that my sister and I are both grown and starting our own families. Our family cat Katy whom was our only family pet died of CRF in October of 2003, and it took some time for my parents to feel ready for new pets, but they're quite happy now to have adopted these little monkeys!
Riley is now about 8 months old and Lily is about 7 months old. Riley is going to be a big boy as you can probably tell from the photos, and Lily Grace is a little slip of a thing--she was separated from her mother very very young and had a pretty bad upper resp, infection when my parents got her--took her awhile to start thriving.

Here are some pictures I took of them in December and then again in March. Enjoy!

Here's Riley in March, look at those big paws and ears!

Riley and Lily trying to figure out the faucet, again in March

Riley in December the day we brought him home

Lily in December, first day home and feeling a little puny

Their first nose to nose and the beginning of a great friendship!
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They are precious!!
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Oh I love the nose to nose picture!!!! How precious!
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My mom and dad are spoiling the CRAP out of them!
I like to say they hit the kitty lottery!
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they are sooo cute.
that nose to nose picture is probably one of the best kitty eskimo kissing pictures ive ever seen. its soooo aodrable theyre very lucky to have loving parents like yours to spoil them:-p
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Here are Kitter's neighbors (well, most of them anyway!)

Neighbor up front has two cats.

This is P.I.T.A. sounds like it spelled,but stands for "Pain In The A**"
He is 21 lbs I think she said. He's a hefty one!!!

This is Princess Velcro. She has no tail and "sticks" to the floor a lot! Just plops down anywhere at anytime.

Our upstairs neighbor has one cat.

His name is Amigo or Killer. Came from Flordia. He even has a tattoo.
He's the meanie of the group, not to people just hisses at the other cats. (Big Bully)

Our rear neighbor just got a cat about 3 months ago, he's 7 months old and bigger than Kitters already. I'll have to get pictures of him soon. His name is Rusty, grey tiger striped DSH.

That is most of Kitter's neighbors Thought she does watch our next door neighbors kitttys through the windows

hope you enjoyed meeting some of Kitters buddies!!
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Riley is such a cutie. I love the look in the picture before last. Such cuties they all are!!!!
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These girls belong to my parents...

Savanah (aka The Diva)

Keiko (aka The Gardener)

Chia (aka EEK!)

Roxy (aka The Rabbit)


These two belong to my brother...

Mia (aka The Whisperer)

Timba (aka The Fruit Basket)

These cuties belong to my Grandparents...




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Such beautiful families everyone has!
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Awww what great pictures

I am looking after my neighbours 3 boys atm, BamBam, Pebbles & Tibby. I shall get some pics of them later when I get home. For now, here's BamBam:

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oh... all the kittys are soooo cute!!!! Liko and Chia are so beautiful!!!!!
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Originally Posted by SillyJilly
oh... Liko and Chia are so beautiful!!!!!
Thanks! We call Chia got her nickname because her eyes are always big and alert like she's saying "EEK!".
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Here are some more of Kitter's "relatives"

Well, she'd like to eat them anyways.

We live by the lake - Lake Michigan - and we have ducks that come up year round to the house and have their babies. They are here everyday, eating bread and drinking water.

for those of you who don't already know, the brown duck with the purple tips is the female and the darker duck with the beautiful greenish blue head is the male.

This is actually one of the babies from last years litter, and nect year it will be one of their babues that comes back. It is really cool, because they will let you get so close to them and they don't even care. Two years back I got the girl duck to take bread from my hand and eat it. She has a wierd habit though of taking the bread, dipping it in the water and then eating it. Must like soggy bread!!

Well, that's the ducky's!

I was thinking we should name the ducks! Any ideas?
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Pardon the "pasta pot" it's their water pot. They drink too much for the smaller bowl from last year. The neighbor may be putting in a kiddie pool for them soon!
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Finally got the last pictures of the neighbors cat.

Here is Rusty Shackelford he's 7 months old!

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Anyother "relatives" anyone else want to put up? I just love seeing pics of kitty's.
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Posting in this thread again so hopefully others will add more photos.

Theses photos are from my boss's daughters house. I babysit her daughter occasionally and took some photo's last time I was there. They certainly are animal kingdom there. They have: 4 cats, 2 dogs, about 40 turtles, a bearded dragon, some fish, and a rabbit!

Here they are as collages!

Simba the newest cat. Male - Intact

Loki - DLH. Male - Neutered Licks EVERYTHING!!!

Flash - DSH Male - Neutered SUch a cutie. Doesn't talk much.

4th cat - Can't remeber name. Very new. Female Don't know if spayed or not. She hides a lot!!!

Bogie - Male - Neutered Over 11 yrs old and getting grumpy.

Gracie - Female - Spayed - very very tiny... 2 lbs wet!!!

Tons of turtles and the bearded dragon

Didn't get any shots of the bunny!! dang!!!

Ok... Now I'm going to hold my breath until someone else posts some more pics of relatives!!!!!!

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Oh these are soooo cute!

I'll get a couple of pictures on friday of the cat thats adopted my friends.

Priscilla is a really love bug with the most gorgeous green eyes She lived the next street up from my friends, and would always visit their house.

James just fell in love with her, and no matter how many times they took her back to her owner, she still kept coming back.

Priscillas owner obviously isn't bothered about her because that was 3 months ago and she's happily settled now with my friends
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Can't wait to see them!!!!!!!!!
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Every cat on this thread is so beautiful!!! Is this the BEAUTIFUL CAT thread or something??
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If it's the beautiful cat thread then your kitties should be posted here... I love some of your's so much, I may come and steal some away when you are not looking. LOL
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I'll have to remember this thread on Friday when I go to my cousin's house. She has four cats and two dogs. Plus the feral cats that hang out on the front porch one of which is quite tame.
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:bump: :bump: So Traci will see this and post some pics!!!
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Here is Gumbo..... my mom and dads cat. Yes, they live in Louisiana.

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Beautiful snow white fur and love the coloring around his face!
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Hmm...I already post pics of my parent's animals because I still consider them my own. But let me see what I can find on the comp...ok I found a pic of my co-workers dog Sammy, but it's only his behind because he was after something in the grape vines...other than that I don't have any kitties that aren't mine on here! Poo! I know some cute ones too!
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Well, see!! Now you have a photo assignment of your own!!!
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Originally Posted by SillyJilly
Well, see!! Now you have a photo assignment of your own!!!
I might have to break out the photo albums and start scanning!
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I look forward to it!!!
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