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newborn kittens bleeding

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I have two rescues. They are about 3 days old, and still have their umbilical cords. They have tapeworms and are bleeding from their rearends. can the bleeding be caused from the worms? or something more? We have set an appoint for Tuesday (the first we can get in because of the holiday).. any suggestions until then?

We are desperate... are they too young for drontal (???)
I have also heard about using garlic....

My is breaking for these two.

Other than that.. they seem to be doing wonderfully! Eating well and moving well. and staying warm.. Anything else i can do to make sure they survive?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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If they are eating and moving well I would wait until you can get to the vet. If you are worried find a vet with an after hours number and give them a call. Good luck
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Please do not give these 3 day old kittens anything, not garlic, not brewers yeast, and not drontal. They are way to young. The blood can certainly be from parasites, but they are way to young to treat, and if they have something else wrong, it will be awhile before they can be tested to find out what. I would be sure they are eating, and being kept warm- www.kitten-rescue.com will help you find your way with them.
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well.. I thought they were doing well.. until I got home. They have a HUGE hole in under their tales. They are bleeding like crazy! and have no strength left.. I am about to just take them to an emergeny vet and tell them i found them, and ask them to keep them.. I can't do this. these little guys are breaking my They deserve better ... I don not have the knowlegde or supplies.

Thanks so much for the advice!!
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well. while I was calling the emergency vet.... the black one passed.
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Sounds like they all need to be put to rest. I am so sorry- this stuff just happens through no fault of the caregiver. Hope you can get the others to the vet quickly to end their time on earth peacefully-
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Thanks hissy! This is hard concept to comprehend... But I know.. it was better for her.. We left immmediately.... and took the white kitty to the Emergency vet .... she made it the whole way. she was holding on for dear life. Do you think it is possible that the mother knew they were sick and chose not to nurse beacuse of that?
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[b]Yes, momma cats will neglect their babies when they know something is wrong with them.

I'm so sorry this happened to them, and you. You did the best you could do in the situation. Bless their little hearts!
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Oh, the poor little angels. And how sad for you. Thank you so much for trying to save these tiny babies. Condolences for your loss.
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Yes, oftentimes the momcats know the kittens are not well and they will either abandon them, try to kill them or shun them completely. They do this by instinct because their will to survive is strong and the milk they have needs to go to the stronger siblings. I sometimes wonder how they know? Perhaps the kitten's smell is off and that is what clues her in to sacrifice them however she can.

You did all you could, and out of respect for these little lost lives, I will move you to Crossing the Bridge-
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Bless you for trying. There was nothing you could have done.
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condolences on your loss. You did your best, and often, despite all heroic efforts, the very young ones fail to survive. They were born with too much against them, and I am sure that your kind care & love was a great comfort to them. Now they are on the other side of Rainbow Bridge, pain-free and knowing that they once were owned & loved. Godspeed, little ones!
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oh my its ok
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