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slow healing wound

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I found my cat Molly in a park near our home 2 months ago. She was badly injured on her back, face and leg. After hospitalization and numerous vet visits she is doing very well. Her head and back injuries have healed completely, but she will not leave the wound on her leg alone, licking and biting at it until she has it torn up again. She has been wearing a collar for almost the entire time and she still manages to get to her leg.
Is there a safe product that could be applied to her leg that would discourage her from licking it? I'm thinking something like the stuff they used to put on children's thumbs to keep them from sucking except for cats. Or any other idea of what to do. The vet has not recommended anything but the collar. I want to be able to take the collar off of her soon - she hates it so.
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Hi Cynthia, welcome to TCS.

I'm going to move this to the health/Nutrition forum so it'll be seen by the right people.
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If it is not an open wound anymore, you can try bitter apple spray, chew guard or lemon juice.
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My husbands dog had a similar thing to that, it would continuously lick at its front leg untill the fur was completely gone and it would bleed......the vet called it a "lickit" or something like that and gave them some bitter tasting spray to put on its worth giving what Sandie suggested a try....if the wound is still open I would ask your vet again...

PS, Welcome to the site!! Please feel free to go introduce yourself in the lounge!! You'll get lots more welcomes!
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