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Is friendship on the horizon? Perhaps!

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After 3 weeks of togetherness, Chloe and Iris are making leaps and bounds of progress in their relationship. Despite nearly endless wrestling sesssion over the last few days, yesterday I caught them several times together just hanging out. (Don't tell Chloe I posted these - she's got a reputation of not liking Iris to protect! )

Hmmm...what's making that noise?

Chloe: Finally, I've wiped her out.

Iris: Haha! Now I've wiped her out!
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very cute
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well teufel has a companion or to say "companions" fishies and the bunny
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I am so glad that they are becoming friends. They are both adorable.
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Adorable piccies of your Girls Joanne... Excellent they are getting along.
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Thanks all! My DH and I are so happy too!
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Are they too cute. Great pictures.
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so happy to hear firiendship is on the way my 3 are progressing about the same! Beautiful fur friends!
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They definately look relaxed together!
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Things are definitely improving! Now, if only they could sit that way for more than 30 seconds.
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Oh they are such gorgeous girlies!
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I'm happy to report that things are getting better with each week. These were taken on Wednesday night. It lasted at least one minute - a world record! Chloe was laying on me but I had to get up and make dinner, so I snuggled her favorite blankie next to her. I guess Iris wanted in on the action too...

This one is my favorite. I imagine Chloe saying, ":censor::censor::censor:? Can't I get some alone time with my blankie?" She looks so annoyed!

Last night my heart was warmed in the greatest way - I figure it must be close to how moms feel about their human kids. While sitting on the couch, I witnessed Iris groom Chloe. My excited yelp to DH startled Iris and she stopped, which was a bummer. I don't know how long Chloe would have tolerated it since Iris only got in a few swipes, but I was so happy to see such progress! Then about an hour later, after Chloe pinned Iris yet again during a wrestling session, Chloe lick, lick, licked Iris on the top of the head and then let her up. That's the first time I've ever seen her do that! I was completely thrilled - hoping there's more of that as they get more and more comfortable with each other.
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Iris has not given up on trying to snuggle with Chloe and today it paid off. I captured these:

I was thrilled and shocked when Chloe didn't jump off the chair after Iris laid on Chloe. Chloe gave her a firm bite, a few licks, and then scooted over and promptly fell asleep. Chloe even snuggled up to Iris at one point! I am just over the moon!

Later I saw the funniest thing! What's with the tongue?

She kept it out even after I accidentally woke her up!

Thanks for looking - I just had to share!
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