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when to introduce litter box

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My kittens are 20 days old today and are not doing 'their business' by themselves, I have only seen 1 little poo-poo in the box 3 days ago and momma is still licking them to go. I thought by now they would be doing it themselves without moms help.
According to the kitten calendar I should be introducing litter today, do I need to when they don't seem to be doing anything? Or should I wait until I see evidence in their box?
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I had newborns and if I remember correctly, they started using a litter box at around 4 weeks. 20 days might be a bit too young yet. I would keep putting the litter box near them so when their natural instinct to dig & bury kicks-in, it is there. Also, please remember not to use clumping litter with the little ones...they tend to eat it and it can be a disaster.
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The kittens I raised didn't start using the litterbox until they were several weeks old. The momma helped them out with that, and when I began to notice poo on the floor around the area they were, I knew it was time to put on the litter box. With kittens, the best thing to do is buy a few of those small baking pans and fill them up with litter (again, NO clumping litter). This way, they can get in the litter easier than they could with a regular sized litter box, and they can dig around and get the right idea.

If you find some poo on the ground, scoop it up and place it in one of the pans on top of the litter. They will smell it and it will help them learn that that's where they should be going potty!!!

Good luck and please keep us updated!!!
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Normally, we like to introduce babies to the litter at the same time as we introduce them to moist canned kitten food. Your little ones might be a tad young yet ... but you can try. It is easiest to confine them to a small space with the litter and their food, I use an extra large dog crate while introducing them to these new things. It helps to contain the mess and they get the idea pretty quickly. Best of luck,

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Thanks for the replies, I think I'll wait a week and see how things are going, once I see more evidence in the box I'll put the litter in. I already have a shallow baking pan ready and I don't use clumping litter for my cats.
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My orphans always started using the box around 3-1/2 to 4 weeks old but they didn't have a cat mom to clean up after them. Yours are getting close to using it.
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when do ya start introducing them to wet food? my babies will be 4 weeks on june 1
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