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what to feed kitties

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So, my kitties are 29 days old today! yay!

They are doing great and have still been drinking mama's milk... Today we put food down for mama and a couple of the kitties came running over and trying to eat...

At 4 weeks old, what should I try feeding them???

Mama eats nutro kitten food... hard food... I sometimes mix hers with Spots Stew... (its like homemade stew for kitties)... I wonder if this is good for the kittys?

Any suggestions???
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Yes, it is fine, but you might want to try a moist canned kitten food only instead of the dry at the moment ... once they get eating the moist food down, you can try to introduce the dry or a little dry mixed with the Spots Stew.

Hope this helps,

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Yes, it does help! Thanks Gayef... Im off to the store now to get some spots stew...

and a little litter box.. heheh

I havent seen any waste from them and mama kitty is meticulous about cleaning them, but I figure its time...

HOpe I can find the silica cat food... ooops, I meant silica LITTER

thanks again for replying so quickly...
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Yeah, the litter box is a good idea too ... as the babies start to eat on their own Mom doesn't seem to take as good care of "poopy duty" as she once did. Not that I blame her, sheesh - who WANTS to do that? They are such good little beings.
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Well, I went and got Spots... One kitty ate just a little bit... The others were more interested in stepping in it.. LOL

Then mama came in and ate the rest of it.. haha

I got some silica litter... One kitty sat in it and then put a piece in his mouth and spit it out... hahaha

Ive never used the silica litter before... The only type I could find was generic... I hope thats ok... Its not round, its like in little chunks... Kinda sharp, but not... haha, that made no sense, but if you've ever used it, you might know what Im talkin about... lol

ok... I hope this goes well...

I'll be in touch for sure!
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I know exactly what you mean about the litter ... yes, they will attempt to eat it and they WILL make a horrid mess walking through their food - but oddly enough, this is good because then the others will smell it on them, come by for a quick lick or two and decide it is pretty good stuff - then they go right to the bowl of it and have their own. *grin* Silly babies.
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Hey Spirit....your guys must be around the same age as my 2 fosters...they are driving mom nuts with all their climbing....I have been feeding momma cat Sophisticats kitten food (moist) and Eukanuba kitten food (dry). I have also been using the box tops from the xerox boxes I used to move for the kittens. They seem to be using it. I am using Feline Pine kitty litter.

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If the silica doesnt work out, I'll look for the pine... thanks!

I used a disposable foil cookie sheet and just put some litter in it... I dont think they have a clue! hahaha

Mama cat is still using fresh scoop (yuk) but hopefully I'll be able to ween her onto the silica... we'll see...

ok, time to check on the lil babes...
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All of the kitties want to try the hard kitty food, but not the spots stew... (which mama LOVES)...

Is this ok??? I did moisten the food with warm water and I see that she chews on pieces here and there and spits it out for them, but they still try to eat a whole piece... HOpe its ok...
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