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I need help

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Just brought home a new kitten... and the original cat is NOT a happy camper about it. The older cat is named Sammy, got him from the animal shelter about 3 years ago when he was about 12wks old... He's been a really fun cat since, with more than his share of personality to spare... well 3 years and 15lbs heavier hes' still a funny fluffy fat cat but the new 8 week old kitten that was brought home fri has made sammy a HISSSSSSER...

The new kitten, (who is without a name for now) is curious to meet sammy, and when I first put them together I thought they were really gonna hit it off. Sammy was smelling the little kitten...and then the ears flattened, hissing started, growling.....SO I of course pulled the little one away...

Sammy is a male cat that has been fixed and de clawed on his front paws, and he's 99.9% a indoor cat. He's a really fun cat, but he's real spooky when someone new comes over that he does'nt know, and he hides under the couch or something. The new kitten is a girl and without a name for now.

Right now the kittens food water and litter box are in the bedroom and Sammy's dishes and box are in there original place in the kitchen... The door is shut to keep the two cats seperated but after 3 days of seperation I'm not seeing much light.... Sammy is pretty much the same now that they are seperated... he hides under the couch more than he use to and when he goes next to the door he just sits at the other side of the door and hisses...

Any pointers from the veterans out there?
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Putting the two cats together right away is a sure-fire way for cat problems. The resident cat views the new cat as an intruder upon its territory and reacts accordingly. The resident cat must be gradually desensitized to the presence of the new cat. For right now, keep the new cat in a separate room and do not let the resident cat have access. The resident cat must not see the new cat at all. He'll hear and smell the new cat, of course, but not seeing her will make her less of a threat. To fix this problem, perform a "new cat introduction". There are many good articles on the internet about how to do this. Google on "new cat introduction" or "introducing new cat". Here's one of many: http://www.littlebigcat.com/index.ph...tintroductions

Good luck!!
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Tim gave you really good advice...I would follow that if I were you. Good luck with everything and please keep us updated on their progress!!!
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Welcome to TCS.
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Welcome! I agree keep them seperated for awhile and introduce a little at a time. It is a slow process but will get better I am still getting my 3 used to each other, best of luck
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Welcome to the site! Here's another article that has really good advice: http://www.thecatsite.com/Cats/Cat_B...cing_Cats.html

I'll move this to Behavior for you.
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sos, i found this article very specific and helpful. You can find it here:


It gives very simple step by step instructions and is very sound advice.
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Thanks everyone for the input... No improvements to tell you all about... but it's only been 5 days.

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brought the new female kitten home a little over a week ago... and the CURRENT cat was NOT a happy camper hiss hiss hiss... I seperated them, kept the kitten in the bedroom. Big cat sits at the door and hisses whenever he hears the kitten... I come out of the shower one day, I see I forgot to close the door all the way, and what do I find in the middle of the room... two cats playing tag with their front paws... Night and day difference... the kitten chases the 3yr old fat cat around every now...

I'm glad their getting a long now, all I need now is a name for the kitten = )
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Well that is great news!
What is your other cat's name, and what does the new kitten look like? That may help in giving name suggestions!
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I'm glad to hear the two are getting along fine.
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THe new kitten is a calico I think... all kinds of colers little stripes mostly black/brown/orange... NAMES would be great...

My Sammy Cat has been such a good boy now that he does'nt hiss at her... He's such a good cat. The kitten was under my feet the other day, and I stepped on one of her paws and she let out a little kitty cry, and good ol Sammy came running over full speed to check on her... He's such a good cat
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