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Story-writing continued.....new cat story to add to :)

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Okay, the last one was so fun, I'd thought I'd start another one. Your mission should you choose to accept it is help carry on this new cat story thread!

...She just went to the shelter to look. She's been seeing those adoption ads on late-night television and thought she'd just go and see what was going on. A cat was a huge responsibilty and although she wanted another pet in the worst way she worried about who would feed it if she went away, what she'd do about medical expenses and whether the landlord would approve! Once she found the place, she parked the car in the busy lot and followed the signs that said "cats this way". She past the kennels with all the barking dogs in them, some sleeping, some nosing their way up to bars, all looking so sad and lonely. "I just to came to look", she thought as she tried not make eye contact with any them, knowing her heart would break (and she wasn't even a dog person). At last, she turned another corner and found the secluded section where the kitty kennels were. So many beautiful babies; she wished she could adopt them all! Other people were milling about in front of the many cages, but noone else seemed to notice the corner she gravitated to. Looking inside, her resolve immediately broke; there nestled trembling in a corner was the most beautiful...
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kitten. It was a soft, fluffy white Persian who stood out from her darker colored littermates. They looked like purebreds and it seemed so strange to find them in a shelter. There was no one around to help so she opened the cage door and lifted the trembling kitten out and...
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held her close while she looked for someone who could answer her questions. When she finally found someone, she learned that the previous owner, a young single woman, had worked on the 93rd floor of the World Trade Center. On the day of the tragedy...
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She held the tiny white furball to her chest, and gently stroked it's trembeling body....she felt the anguish it had felt at not having it's owner come home to it on that day, and the feelings of bewilderment, and feelings of abondment.
She tried to tell the kitten, that it's owner did not leave it on purpose, and that it WAS loved and wanted.

She then made a decision...........
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Shawna....this is a great thread...but do you care if I change the title slightly? I am afraid some people will think it is about the "survivor" TV series, and not even check it out...I want them to know it is a new story! I will change the title if that's okay.
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Hey Deb, no problem. I'm always lost for titles to put on these thread anyway :confused2 :laughing2 Okay now back to the story...
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...she had to adopt this kitten, and as many of the other 9/11 orphaned kitties as possible as well. So much for just looking, now she was going to be adopting who knows how many more kitties. Filling out the necessary paperwork, she scooped up her new trembling baby furball and gently put her in the carry box to take home. "Don't worry" she whispered "I'm going to take you home now". She carefully placed the carboard carrier on the front seat beside her and drove homeward as cautiously as possible, careful not to jar the kitty's box too much. Thinking her next move would be to scour every shelter in the city for orphans, and wondering how on earth she'd explain this all to her landlord, she suddenly realized...
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that there was a big blue Kangaroo sitting in the road ahead of her...it was calmly eating a pizza and looking around with an interested expression. On it's head was a I LOVE MELBOURNE cap and around it's neck hung 16 cameras. G'day there said the Roo.....
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she suddenly realized she had been staring at an automated sign in a travel agency window advertising cruises to Austrailia(sp). The traffic light turned green and she continued driving. Her next stop was the pet supply store for some...
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(Nice save there Lorie!) :LOL:
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...supplies!! Thinking she had to either quit her job or get out more because she'd started seeing blue kangaroos, she carted the kitty-in-her-box into the petmart and grabbed a shopping buggie. Thank heavens for that Platinum card! Not knowing how many litterboxes she'd eventually need, she started off with just one for her little Persian princess. "Hey maybe" she thought "I can start a foundation and be able to raise funds for all these kitties I'm planning to adopt". Busily planning strategy in her head, she wandered aimlessly up and down each cat aisle picking up this and that. By the time she reached the checkout, her basket was teaming with...
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......goodies for all the kitties she planned to adopt. Her heart was light, she felt so good, knowing she was doing the right thing!!!

She quickly paid for her purchases, and went back to the car....but on the way to the car, she saw.....
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Great thread! Just the kind of threads we want in the literary forum So, if it's okay with you all, I'll be moving it over there.
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When she realized that the Blue Kangaroo had been eating pizza and therefore could NOT have been that sign. She peered around the corner and sure enough...there was the kangaroo again. This time he was marching up the street leading a mariachi band composed entirely of sombrero wearing RED ALLIGATORS. "Oh GOD",she thought,"I've got to stop partying with the girls on Cat Site." "No more tequila shooters and Aussie beer".

Then she noticed that her little white kitten was perched on the back window shelf,watching the odd parade and purring loudly..her tail swishing to a Latin beat and her paws weaving as if she were playing one of the guitars. She certainly seemed to be enjoying the music. But if this was an alcohlic apparition ...surely her new kitten would not be seeing it too....!! She moaned softly and slid to the pavement holding her head tightly in her hands.

Then she felt a presence beside her and looked up through tear filled eyes. There stood the Blue Kangaroo..."Hey Sheila(Aussiespeak for a woman)..No Worries Mate....we're real enough....

(now take it from there...be creative or it'll get REAL wierd.)
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Decked out in his tank top and swaying to the music he asked, "Wanna dance me beauty? Sure looks like your furry little creature in there likes to swing!" Boldly he took her hand, spun her around like a top, twirled her into a loving dip and twirled her again.

Her head was spinning and all she could think of was that kitty in the car! How in the world can this be happening? Her eyes wild and heart thumping.

"Well, who are you and where did you come from?" She asked nervously.
"Oh let's just get a tinny and we'll talk about it then...can you give me a lift?" "Sure....I guess." She didn't know if she wanted to be alone with him especially with the kitty! What would be his reaction to this....uh...uh...thing! So, she unlocked the car with hesitation and....
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there in the back seat sat Santa Claus..with the white kitten curled up in his big white beard. "Climb in",laughed Santa,"you aren't going mad..we all are real. We just decided to drop by a little early to bring a little cheer to the folks of NYC. We're all Christmas spirits from around the world ande you and the others will be seeing us often when your need is the greatest.Of course the animals like my young friend here can see us all the time since they are really spirits too."

With this he placed the purring kitten in her hands and with a smile disappeared with a <POP>. The Blue Kangaroo waved as he led the Red Alligators off down another street. "Don't forget..you folks are never alone nor forgotten" he shouted.

In a moment the young woman shook her head and stared down at the smiling kitten....
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...turned to the big blue Kangaroo and said "now wait a sec, how come nobody else in the petmart parking lot can see you?". She was right of course, not a single incredulous stare or shocked shriek had been had by any of the other patrons. "Well good on ya' for noticin' mate" twanged the Kangaroo. "That's because I'm your totem animal, your inner animal guide, you know, kind of like that show Touched By an Angel". "You mean my inner animal guide is a drunken Aussie blue kangaroo?!" she exclaimed. "hey, all the other guys were busy, so I got the gig" he said looking a little hurt. "Wait a sec, she said, you mean to tell me that you're like Harvey the big white rabbit? Wasn't he a pukka or something?". The BBK (Big Blue Kangaroo) cringed "ooooh people ALWAYS say that", continuing, "No, I'm not a Pukka, I'm your totem animal, your inner animal spirit guide...". "Hey but what about my Cat?!" she interrupted. "Oh I conjured that one up all by myself, beauty eh? Your little kitty was fast asleep in her box. Now, I'm here to help you with your plan. Listen up 'cause here's what you've got to do..."
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:laughing: :laughing: :LOL: roflol...Kittyfoot and I replied at the same time! Hmmm. I guess people will go with whichever alternate storyline they wish? :confused3 :LOL:
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Can you guys pm each other and please decide
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Cat I like Kittyfoot's too! Hmmm I think we need an executive decision here; Debby? Anne??
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Designate Cat's entry as #1...mine as #2 and just note which part you're adding to. Two cat stories(or more?) for the price of one...
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Kittyfoot...good plan! Just designate in the subject line which one your going with. Let's designated yours as 1 and mine as 2 because you posted your's first.

Okay, I'm outta here; back to the creating, folks
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Sorry about that Shawna...I know how you ladies react to a guy using the wrong name... :LOL:
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Fret not my compatriot friend
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(following Shawnas....) heres what you've got to do.....take your little sleepy kitty home, let her rest for just an hour or so...thats very important, after an hour, wake her gently and ask her what she dreamt. "You mean Im meant to talk to my kitty? and ask about her dream?!" "thats right" said the BBK....."listen closely to what she has to say...for what she dreams is the direction you must take. She will guide you to all the needy kitties who need your help." "But how come she can talk?" "Didn't you wonder why no-one else was looking at such a beautiful little kitty in the rescue centre? - Only you could see her!! She is a gaurdian angel kitty whom I created, she only materialises to the right people.....you've been chosen, you're lucky"
The lady slumps down into the drivers seat of her car, trying desperately to gather her thoughts, looking at the sleeping kitty she wonders if it is all true...she looks so "usual" beautiful yes, but aren't all kitties? ...but there is "something" about her.... With that she thanks the BBK and waves him goodbye, thinking she must look crazy waving to no-one!! She pulls the kitty box up close and takes one last glance in there, with a peaceful sigh she quietly pulls the car door up, and slowly drives away heading eagerly towards........
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You had your chance... So I guess I gotta finish off this little tail..umm..tale. Hang on...it's gonna get STRANGE!!!!!

In a moment the young woman shook her head and stared down at the smiling kitten. The kitten grinned up at her and winked one eye. "If you think that's odd..you ain't seen nothing yet." he chuckled and immediately broke into a rendition of "Thriller"...complete with MJ moves.

"Oh my God",screamed the young lady as she pushed the kitten from her shoulder;where he had wound up crooning "the kit is not my son." She bolted from the car and stared back wildly..whereupon the kitten faded out of sight,leaving behind just a grin,but unfortunately taking her car with him.

Panic-stricken now,she turned and bolted into the street;narrowly avoiding being creamed by a big yellow submarine which was cruising down the boulevard being chased madly by what looked like 4 hairy cockroaches.

For hours the poor lady scurried from one place to another,meeting more and more fantastic creatures who all smiled and laughed and shouted "Go on,go on,you're nearly there!!!". But as hard as she ran her feet seemed unable to lead her back to sanity.

Finally,gasping in despair she threw herself down on the sidewalk and burst into tears. "Oh Lord",she sobbed,"where is this terrible place and why am I here??" As she lay there sobbing a HUGE purple Hippopotamus strolled by and "broke wind' to a devastating effect. The poor girl was swept into the air as in a tornado and as the city fell from view faaaaar below she passed completely out.

Finally she regained enough of her senses to feel herself being violently shaken. Her mouth was full of dust and her head still was spinning when she made out a voice coming from so far away. She could almost recognize it...almost... Then she saw a volume knob floating before her and desperately twisted it higher. The voice became crystal clear. " Hey Debby..wake up and get your shoes on..we're at the strip club...and stop twisting my nose".

THE END??????
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OMG!!! HAHAHAHAHA! OMG!! Wayne, that is hysterical! hahaha! So why aren't you joining us in the MJ Thread! That's it!! I hope you post with us at least once! hahahaha! Too funny! :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
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Ummm..ok, I thought this story might lead a lot of directions, but this was definately NOT one of them! :LOL:

Are you sure KF wasnt hiding in the limo all this time 'cuz that would explain a lot! :laughing2

Great ending Wayne!
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No good deed goes unpunished. I liked the way your story began, anyway. Well, I'll let everybody get back to . . . whatever this has become.

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to finish off the second leg since Bod passed out in the bus and the rest are a little"snackered". So to take up where Bod left off....

towards her home and a well-deserved bit of sanity. However,within a few blocks she noticed her kitten was smiling at her from the box...there was a sudden flash and there before her wondering eyes sat...MICHAEL JACKSON,the Magic Prince himself.

Quickly Michael explained that he had come to NYC with Santa and the magic Blue Kangaroo. Wanting to do something special for someone they had devised a contest to find the most caring person they could. Thus Michael with Santa's help had disguised himself as a homeless kitten. Since she had taken the kitten to her heart and withstood all the visions without losing the love in her heart;she had won. Her prize was to attend-on stage- a humungous concert Michael was putting on for the homeless animals. Plus a lifetime job ,paying $2 Mil a year,heading up the string of animal shelters that he was building. Best of all,with a twinkle in his eye and a sprinkle of Magic Michael Dust,her kitten re-appeared in her lap and curled up purring a happy purr.

In a flash all her Christmas dreams had been surpassed and her life was changed forever. And Michael WAS lonely since Pricilla left.

It was too bad said MJ that he had missed a touring bunch of cat-lovers that his good friend Bear had mentioned. Oh well,maybe next year..
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